Mariam Global Health – Dr. Mark Holterman Gives Back

Mariam Global Health Fund is an initiative started by Dr. Mark Holterman to help create more advanced medical technology around the world. In his business, he has created a system that matches investors with innovators that create this new medical technology to help treat various diseases and disorders. One of the main focuses of Mariam Global is biotechnology. With this program, they’re able to treat various people globally while creating less risk in the industry by working with private investors.

With this new focus on business and technology, Mark Holterman explains the stresses of having this type of business. Though it may seem all glitter and gold at times, there have been instances where Mark was unable to match investors and ideas successfully ( Sometimes the investors just did not like the technology that was offered and did not want to fund no matter how innovative the creators and health industry found it. A lot of times investors and innovators were just going in opposite directions. Though Mark has had these setbacks, he has still found a way to make this business work.

Mark Holterman M.D. couldn’t have been the better option for this project as he is well-versed in the medical industry. As a pediatric surgeon, Mark completed his schooling at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria, Illinois. Mark also has experience in medical photonics and regenerative medicine. Though he can be considered a medical genius, Dr. Mark Holterman’s passion for business was almost not realized because he feels like the medical industry and business don’t go together. He found a way to make this work and is able to share all the new technology he comes in contact with over his life.

What makes Mark so special is his love for books, his love for giving back to the community and his love for business. As a husband and father, Mark is much more than just a doctor and a businessman. Mark is also a family man and a professor who just decided to make a life out of innovating and investing his time, energy and money into biotechnology.