Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO refers to increasing the number of conversions that take place on your website. A conversion is simply a term for an action that you want visitors to your page to do. Often conversions are used to reference customer purchases, subscription sign ups, sending messages or creating accounts.

There are two of conversions. The first kind is a micro-conversion. It refers to a visitor to your site doing an action such as signing up for an email list, creating an account on your page or adding products to their shopping cart. Macro-conversions are when customers complete a purchase, get a rate quote or sign up for a service.

Micro-conversions often precede macro-conversions. Often, website developers will focus on getting a micro-conversion first. Once a person is interested in a product, service or page, they will probably complete the macro-conversion on their own, but this is not always the case.

The conversion rate is a term that refers to how successful you are into converting unique visitors to your web page into customers or subscribers. For example, if you had 100 unique visitors to a page and managed to convert 25 of them into buying a product on your page, you would have a conversion rate of 25%. The process of conversion rate optimization would focus on how you can increase your rate by converting some of the remaining 75 unique visitors that did not purchase a product from you when they visited your website.

How To Improve Conversion Rate Optimization

There are several ways to improve your conversion rate optimization. One of the most popular ways involves the use of data analytics. This is when you use software to track and analyze how visitors to you site behave. It gives insight into where people are visiting on your site, what steps they go through before a conversion takes place and what stops them from completing a purchase or subscription. The information you gain from analytics can be used to improve your website interface to make it more likely that a conversion occurs.

In addition to analytics, you can use the time-tested method of feedback from visitors and customers to improve the experience on your website. Feedback can be obtained from surveys, user tests or satisfaction surveys. Based on the feedback you receive, you can them implement changes that you think will improve increase your conversion rate optimization.

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EOS Crystal Lip Balm Surpases Expected Sales

The next time you stand in line at the checkout line and beside you is a shelf with lip balms, be sure to check out the new EOS. The very new release is the Crystal Clear EOS Lip Balm. The new lip balm is not your ordinary lip balm. The new sensation is slightly different in shape and has the crystal clear appearance.

The recipe for the EOS has also changed slightly compared to other versions of the EOS brand. Once before, the recipe for the lip balm contained bees wax. The new version however is completely free of any bees wax. This is especially important for people who are vegan. The new flavor is available in Hibiscus Peach as well as Vanilla Orchid, order here at amazon.de.

If your concerned at all that the lip balm will not work as good as the others, know that the new flavors contain ingredients that will moisturize your lips without sacrificing the flavor or feel. The new flavors offer shea butter, avocado and even coconut. The new shape accents the crystal appearance which makes this version of EOS highly sought after, view this site.

Prior to the release, EOS had made an announcement through Instagram of the release of a new product. Fellow consumers and cosmetic lovers flocked to their local stores to purchase the new product upon the release. The flavors quickly sold out and more were forced to be made.

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Why choose EOS you ask? Well it is simple. Prior to EOS, Chapstick and Burts Bees were the leading sellers of lip balm. Since EOS came out, they have taken second place in sales with only Burt’s Bees leading the sales. Prior to now, the only flavors available through the lip balm manufacturer were plain or cherry. Now there is many more flavors to entertain your lips with.

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