InnovaCare Health: The Solution to Your Healthcare Plan

When it comes to healthcare matters and insurance, many people opt for the original Medicare. Nonetheless, some people prefer to use the Medicare Advantage Plan which works with the federal government and other policy providers to pay your benefits. The good thing about this scheme is that a patient can still maintain their Medicare on LinkedIn even though they are using the Medicare Advantage Plan. You’ll still pay for your monthly Part B and Part A premiums; however, this is subject to the prevailing terms and conditions

The plan has many perks compared to many others. It covers optometry, dental, and some wellness programs on Still, in some places, it includes medical prescriptions, but they will inform you if your costs are necessary or unnecessary medically. The decision to go for this can be appealing, but ensure you read and understand the contents of the plan before you proceed.

About Our Company

InnovaCare Health has been in this sector for long, and our focus is to provide managed healthcare services. InnovaCare are based in North America and offer the service in two categories namely: Medicare Advantage and Provider Network. The two help us to provide exceptional medical assistance where we rely on the state of the art technologies which make the program cost-efficient. We are the industry leaders in shaping the healthcare sector; we cater for both today’s and future problems; that’s our source of pride.

Richard Shinto: Company CEO and President

Rick Shinto is at sits at the top leadership of this company as its CEO and President. His experience is in the operational and clinical healthcare. He had worked for different companies in the same capacity before he joined InnovaCare. He served Medical Pathways Management Co, NAMM California, and EvetaInc before its sale in 2012. At one point his was the Chief Medical Officer at Optima Health Plan and MediPartners as the Corporate Vice President. Shinto’s career journey began with an internship before he became a pulmonologist in the Southern California region. He has many degrees including masters from the Redlands University.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides: Company Chief Administrative Officer

With over fifteen years of experience, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has many feats under her belt. She is a guru in state programs and managed care services. At InnovaCare, she is the sitting Chief Administrator but had previously worked for Touchstone Health HMO and AvetaInc in the same capacity. Kokkinides lead a team of doctors who formulated and implemented the Healthcare Plan for Care and Disease. Miss Kokkinides holds various degrees including one in Social work.