Freedom Checks and the Beginning of a New Economy

Matt Badiali, an elusive man who many people are not familiar with, has been filling newsfeeds lately. Badiali is responsible for generating a form of payment that is able to cash in on certain laws allowing what is known as freedom checks to be possible. Freedom checks are not social security income, a 401K account, Medicare, or any other government-sponsored program that may pay on dividends or other forms of retirement or of IRA account. Badiali claims that his freedom checks go beyond the normal investment scope and actually exceed the more traditional forms of investment options that American citizens are accustomed to. The checks do not have any set age requirements in order to start collecting them and are normally many times greater in value than a social security check. As an incentive for more companies to support the use of freedom checks Badiali is taking advantage of Statute-26F, which allows them to operate tax-free. These companies are only limited to what sort of services they provide, with the biggest status needing to be the fact that 90% of income generated by freedom check companies comes from the distribution and production of oil and gasoline. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

The other requirement in order to distribute freedom checks is the promise by a company to pay out freedom checks to their shareholders when requested. Many of these individuals are fairly lucrative and are able to collect a maximum or roughly $640,000 a year.

There are currently 568 companies operating in the United States that meet the requirements to issue freedom checks, which is a large number considering the types of industries that can be involved. While the concept for freedom checks is not entirely a new idea Badiali has revived the concept and it seems very promising, especially to those who can take advantage of them. Companies who qualify will benefit from the lack of taxes they would need to pay to issue such a form of payment, and shareholders would be able to receive high-end payouts in a short period of time. Watch this video at Youtube.

It is still unknown exactly how many companies will eventually decide to use freedom checks as a legitimate form of investment for their shareholders, but the means are available, the form of payment is legal, and the time that is needed to jump on board the program is already underway.