Jason Hope: Living in an Interconnected World

If someone from the past would travel in time and visit our world today, they would be surprised as it is undistinguishable from previous eras like the 1800s, 1900s, and even the 1990s. The technology today is transforming at a very fast rate, and new technologies are being introduced every year. The internet has also become vital in our world, and it has changed society forever. Jason Hope is one of those who have strong belief that the internet would be the future of communication for the world. He is also a firm believer that the rate of change in our society and how we look up into it can be attributed to the increasing number of people who manages to go online. With the exchange of views from different cultures, he can see a future that has strong social integration, and discrimination against race, religion and other characteristics would totally disappear. Jason Hope is thanking the internet for this kind of change that has been starting to be felt by people around the world.



Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, a commentator and a writer for the latest trends in technology. His most recent piece was about the Internet of Things, and how it will shape the future. He is a huge fan of this technology, and has envisioned the future with more similar devices that are connection towards each other. The Internet of Things is a concept that has been applied to the real world. It explains how a variety of devices, appliances and other household gadgets would have the ability to communicate with each other using a wireless network, which can be the Bluetooth or the internet. This system is evident in today’s household. For example, a typical 21st century household has an internet modem and a router, and a number of devices connect to it – laptops, smart phones, tablet computers and handheld consoles among others. These devices are also connected to their accessory parts like a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, and so much more. These things are communicating with each other through the use of internet, and are working together to complete a task. Jason Hope stated that with this kind of technology that we have in our hands today, he is very optimistic that our society would further develop to become an advance kind, with so much potential waiting for us.


Josh Verne Talks About How To Succeed In Business And Life

Josh Verne is a highly experienced entrepreneur in growing, starting, and selling businesses. He is the CEO of Flocku.com. He considers a vision as the art of seeing what is not being seen by others. For entrepreneurs to succeed, the must consider the following:


Being the leader

People should not concentrate too much on being the boss but instead to lead their business. A boss uses the title to accomplish the goals while demanding respect. The boss will also do whatever interests him. However, a leader will earn respect by putting employees before him/herself. Leaders use the respect to rally employees to achieve the set goals while working as a team.


Win-win situations

Never agree to plans that result in win-lose situations. Entrepreneurs should strive to attain win-win situations. This means the client and the entrepreneur win as well as the employees creating a big win for the whole society. Irrespective of how some situations may seem, there is always a possibility of achieving a win for everyone. The implications include business and team success resulting from skyrocketing profits and reputation.


Listen more and speak less

Entrepreneurs should use both their eyes and ears in equal proportions. Speaking less gives you more power and authority. This means that something you will eventually say will be listened to and followed.


Balance your life

Both home life and health should be in perfect balance to sustain the huge success being received. Make progress in all areas to ensure you have a healthy family, personal growth, wealth.


Find a passion

Successful business persons have a passion for something. This is something that excites them and makes them work late or wake up early. Passion ensures you have a good life.