Eric Lefkofsky is Impacting the Oncology Department

Cancer is a disease that is causing sleepless nights to people in all parts of the world. Experts from all over the globe have been working day and night so that they can assist the people who have been diagnosed with cancer. According to medical professionals, there are more than sixteen million adults who are living with various forms of cancer. Medical professionals have made a lot of progress in the recent times, and they have managed to cure a great number of individuals. The number of new cancer patients is currently expected to increase. Medical professionals say that the only way to deal with the medical condition is to make sure that it is detected early. People who realize that they have the disease when it is in the last stages have a tough time finding a cure.

Many healthcare companies have been started with the main aim of introducing better cancer treatment options to the people with the medical conditions. Tempus is an institution that was brought into the cancer department several years ago. The institution was founded by one of the leaders in the corporate world, known as Eric Lefkofsky. The experienced business leader works as the founder and president of a leading company known as Groupon. The hedge fund manager has a lot of expertise in the market, and he has managed to bring up the most successful company in the United States.

Several years ago, Eric took his wife for a medical checkup after realizing that she had a tumor in one of her breasts. The businessman realized that the wife had breast cancer. Doctors in the country were doing their best to identify the best cancer treatment so that Eric’s wife could get cured and live a good life.

Eric was shocked that medical professionals had not embraced technology in their daily lives. These medical professionals could not use the data collected in the past because they did not have the resources. Eric decided to start Tempus with the main aim of changing the lives of cancer patients in the community. The organization has been very successful in its operations.

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Dr. Samadi Talks Prostate Cancer And The Risks Of Radiation

Mitt Romney, the former Republican Presidential Candidate, recently came forward to address the issue of the recent surgery that he had undergone. Mitt Romney had been diagnosed with prostate surgery just a month prior and was undergoing surgery for the same. Romney thankfully caught cancer in time and was able to seek medical aid before the prognosis got too bad. His surgery was performed by Dr. Ahlering, a surgeon operating at the UC Irvine Hospital, which is located in the state of California.

Statistics show that prostate cancer is more likely to emerge in cases where men are over the age of sixty. There is an extremely small fraction of cases wherein a man has reported prostate cancer before the age of forty. Romney was in the majority category since the politician is set to turn 71 this March.

Men who get diagnosed with prostate cancer usually have two decisions in front of them. The first one is going in for surgery to remove the tumor entirely, and the other is to get radiation done. The urologist who is overseeing your case is usually the person who can help the patient figure out which option is best suited to them and their needs.

Dr. David Samadi, notable urologists, stated that usually, he would recommend surgery to people who have been diagnosed with this kind of cancer. The reason surgery is recommended because it entirely removes the tumor, thereby preventing it from spreading to other parts of the body. People who choose to go in for radiation, on the other hand, stand the risk of not having cancer entirely removed from their body. Being exposed to high amounts of radiation can also be harmful to the body, which is why doctors mainly see that as the last resort only after they have ruled out every other course of treatment.

Dr. Samadi also explains that men who are exposed to a high amount of radiation are also more likely to develop a second kind of cancer. High radiation exposure is known to be one of the most significant contributors to the development of cancer cells within the body, which can lead to further harm. People who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer and who have had surgery have a higher survival rate than those who are diagnosed but choose to go in for other options like radiation, which might not be the best in every case.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: She Understands Life

Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone that understands what life is all about and what is truly important in the grand scheme of life. She has learned it the old-fashioned way through working her way up the ranks of plastic surgeons. There is a reason she is the go-to person for interviews in magazines, on television, and in newspapers. She is all over the place when it comes to plastic surgery. She does all kinds of surgery, and she is proud, as she should be, of the impact it has on another woman’s life. Dr. Jennifer Walden also takes care of men if they have plastic surgery needs as well.

She prides herself, though; on helping out other women because she knows how hard they can have it and how difficult it can be for them. She knows first-hand. It is why her staff is all female. She wants women to have the same chances and opportunities that men have had in life. She does not want a woman to be discouraged because someone tells them they can’t do something or something is not for them. She does not believe women were simply put on this earth to have children and they can’t have a career. She believes women can do it all and they are doing it all and more

For her, she is a mother, a philanthropist, and a plastic surgeon. She balances it all because she knows how to manage her time and she is not afraid to work a little bit harder than the next person to get the job done. She knows everything she does is important. She also knows women need someone like her to stand up, be strong, and fight for them. She is happy to take that on and relishes it. As a matter of fact, she hopes it encourages other women to do the same.

The more women that speak up and do something and say something, the better the world is going to be and the more even it will be in the long run. She just wants things to be fair for all parties involved.

Dr. David Samadi Is Interviewed By Ideamensch

Dr. David Samadi was asked what is his favorite quote by Ideamensch. His response was that “The love of a family is one of the greatest blessings we can experience in life. Dr. David Samadi views family as being a very important value to him and to society in general.

Mr. Samadi was also asked what is a book that he has read that he suggests people who read Ideamensch check out. Dr. David Samadi highly recommends the book written by Elizabeth Strout called Anything is Possible. It is a compilation of incredible stories where people overcame immense challenges and odds in their life. Dr. David Samadi says he highly recommends the book to people who have recently suffered from the loss of a loved one or trauma. As a doctor he recommends the book to many of his patients and their family members.

Ideamensch inquired which software and web services Dr. David Samadi utilizes. Dr. Samadi says he frequently uses Google to search for items and email. He revealed that he does not spend much time on the web. A downside to the web he says is that there is a lot of misinformation. The misinformation often confuses and worries a lot of his patients that he sees for prostate surgery consultations. Dr. Samadi also revealed that he loves new tech apps that can help him locate fine restaurants, good wine and vacation and resort opportunities.

Dr. Samadi was asked what is the best $100 he recently spent and why. Mr. Samadi said that he bought his daughter a necklace for around a $100 recently. The joy it brings her and the smile on her face when he gave it to her was worth every dollar. He says she now wears it every day and it serves a reminder between the love of a father and daughter. Dr. Samadi believes it is important to be grateful generous at the same time.

In his professional life, Dr. David Samadi said he recently gave a parting gift of $100 to a nurse who had retired from work. She had worked for him for a long time and assisted him with many operations. Dr. Samadi said that nurses are cornerstone of healthcare in the United States and we should all be grateful for them. For more info about us: click here.

Dr. Samadi is the head of the urology department at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also chief of robotic surgery there and conducts numerous prostate cancer surgeries. Dr. Samadi also teaches urology at Hofstra University to medical students and hosts his own live streaming medical health show on the weekend.

3 Things You Need To Know About Depression and How Neurocore Can Help

Depression is a serious mental illness that affects 16 million adults in the United States alone. And though it is more common in women, depression can happen to anyone no matter their age or gender.

Here are 3 things you need to know about depression:

Sometimes There Are No Outside Factors

While there are many different factors that can lead to depression, sometimes there is no one single thing that causes it. However, if you have recently been through a stressful situation such as a divorce or unemployment, you are at higher risk of developing depression. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Depression Can Affect Your Physical Body

When you are depressed you will experience physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, headaches and stomach issues. Even your brain will be affected and start to work differently.

Symptoms Aren’t Always Obvious

Every person is different and will therefore experience different symptoms when they are depressed. If you are constantly feeling empty or numb, chances are you are dealing with depression.

Depression may also cause you to sleep too much or too little. Keep in mind that sometimes symptoms won’t show at all.

Just because someone looks like everything is okay on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t experience turmoil on the inside. Follow Neurocore on

Get Help With Neurocore

If you suffer from depression Neurocore can help. Neurocore uses brainwave mapping technology to determine what type of treatment will be best for each patient.

The process will start with a neuro assessment designed to show how your brain is working. Your brains electrical activity will be measured and evaluated using advanced qEEG technology.

This is what will help the Neurocore team determine the reason behind your symptoms of depression.

Once all tests have been completed you will be guided through a customized program that will train your brain to function better.

After going through the Neurocore program 84% of clients experience a reduction of depressive symptoms, and 51% no longer meet the threshold for being depressed.


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Achieve your desired look with Dr Jennifer Walden

Have you ever felt inadequate because of your physical appearance? Is one of your body parts stopping you from achieving your dreams? Well, this happens. Some people have very bright ideas but don’t utter a word in company meetings. This is because they feel like everyone is concentrating on that part of their body. Dr Jennifer Walden, a cosmetic surgery, advises her fellow women to let go the fear and book an appointment. She sees no need of postponing leaving your dream. It is after the surgery that many people wish they would have done the surgery, long time ago. It could have saved them the trouble they have had to deal with before.

Dr Walden offers her services at quite affordable rates. There is no excuse to not having your dream body structure. She is also a certified cosmetic surgeon and your, therefore, safe in her hands. Many patients who have passed through her hands are happy with the transformation.

Initially, Dr Walden used to practice medicine in New York. She felt the need of her boys growing up near her family. Dr Walden, therefore, moved to Austin. In her mind, she was prepared to wait for a while before landing her first client. This is because she assumed that the people of Austin were conservative and wouldn’t embrace plastic surgery. Contrary to her expectations, by the time she reached Austin, she already had two patients book appointments. It is then that she realized that the residents were equally in need of the services like other cities.

Dr Walden has been able to connect with her patients. This is because a majority of the patients are women. They, therefore, feel at ease to explain their issues to her openly. She understands them and how they feel because she has also given birth and experienced body changes.


Eric Lefkofsky is Disrupting the Treatment of Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur whose most recent startup, Tempus, holds the promise of vastly improving treatment for people with cancer, according to a recent article in Tech News Spy.

In 2014, 14.5 million Americans lived with cancer, according to an estimate of the National Cancer Institute. By 2024, estimates expect to rise to 19 million. At the disease’s current rates, 40% of Americans will eventually get it.

A few years ago, Eric Lefkofsky’s wife received a diagnosis of breast cancer. That’s when he learned modern medicine, despite many advances in research and in using technology to keep medical records, still did not effectively use digital technology to collect and store data on disease.

Doctors and medical treatment facilities create large amounts of data on cancer patients, but not in a form that is easily accessible so that it can be used to study the effectiveness of disease. For example, much important information about each patient is buried in freeform text fields in the physician notes or progress notes.

Determined to change that, Lefkofsky co founded Tempus to create a platform to record and store information in a standard format and database.

One increasingly important type of patient information is genomic, the sequencing of their unique DNA. Since 2003, the price of gene sequencing has fallen from $300 million to $5,000. And increased demand will continue to drive it down. Modern cancer medicine believes the key to defeating cancer lies in chemotherapy that is configured to suit each patient’s cancer’s genomic structure. The precision medicine enabled by Tempus will allow doctors to fight every cancer based on data. Doctors will be able to access this information so they can prescribe individualized treatments for each patient.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from University of Michigan Law School in 1993, but has avoided practicing as a lawyer. After he completed law school, he and a friend started Brandon Apparel. By 1999, he and his friend joined the early Internet fervor, founding Starbelly to learn more: click here.

Lefkofsky went on to many other ventures, including Lightbank, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics and MediaBank. His most well-known venture, however, is Groupon, where he is still Chairman.

Cancer Treatment Centers of American Pushes Dynamic New Plan

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has collaborated with NantHealth and Allscripts to form the Clinical Pathways custom communications plan. The Clinical Pathways will link up all processes and research statistics available for use by all parts of a cancer treatment plan that is implemented for an individual who is undergoing treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CTCA.

The entire program has been designed with the patient in mind as it makes the latest research in the cancer arena available along with various treatments and therapies that go along with specific remedies.

The focus is to create a great deal of transparency for patients and family while at the same time helping to reduce random guesswork by revealing all of the current research on one platform that is as up-to-date as possible. There is enough information from focused studies and treatments to allow care teams to contrast and compare different treatment paths to analyze treatments based on the diagnosis.

Clinical Pathways also provides a robust amount of detail to the point that insurance companies can secure data in enough detail so that claims can be decided with more dispatch because all the needed information will be found in one place.

Physicians and caregivers will be able to access information from an unbiased Evidence-Based Medical Library which contains over 2,700 regimens for treatment that cover just about every cancer that exists. The database is maintained by a full-time group of oncologists and other professionals who keep the database updated with the most recent results of studies and outcomes.

As stated on Wikipedia, Cancer Treatment Centers of America operate out of five different hospitals that compromise a national network of outreach for varying treatment for adult cancer patients. Supported therapies include all of the well-known programs of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, Immunotherapy, genomic testing, and others. Other experimental therapies and treatments are having to do with diet and other evidenced supported therapies are also used.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Review

Capitol Anesthesiology is an esteemed anesthesiology provider in Austin, Texas. The management, both lower and upper-level, have a friendly, honest demeanor. Their charges and billing are both reasonable and straightforward. The whole process could not be easier. Every employee, be it the receptionist or the CFO, has a firm grasp of how all the billing works, an oft overlooked attribute that makes calling to clarify additional charges very simple. Their insurance billing rates are fair, again, something that is rarely seen in an industry that has a poor reputation for charging obscene amounts. The bills incurred are delivered in a reasonable timeframe to both mailbox and email.


Most importantly however, the medical experience is a very professional and polished one. The facilities the Association serve are famous for their exceptional care and are well known in the Austin area. It is a rare intersection of a small company personality with a large entity’s resources.  Click this.