Dr. Jim Toner: Introducing a Treatment to Infertility

Being infertile is one of the worst nightmares of couples, and all throughout history, humanity tried to search for a cure. A lot of treatments based on superstitions were created in the past, but scientists are now dismissing all of it as ineffective. Thankfully, one man decided to sacrifice his time and effort to study the case further. Dr. Jim Toner is a fertility doctor based in Atlanta, Georgia, and he specializes in infertility and endocrinology. He received the certifications for his specializations after he worked hard one being an effective physician for couples who are having issues with conceiving a child. Dr. Jim Toner stated that the advancement in medical technology played a huge part in his quest to search for the cure to infertility. The treatment is proven safe and effective, and, Dr. Jim Toner is only offering the services at his clinic in Atlanta. When the news about the progress in combating infertility reached the homes of childless Americans, they decided to run into his office, and his treatment became in demand. However, it is not that easy to provide the treatment for everyone, and Dr. Jim Toner advised the childless couples to book an appointment with him, and he will be happy to assist them on how they can conceive a child.

Dr. Jim Toner has extensive experience in being a doctor, and he has been active since the early 2000s. The inspiration to study infertility came from the childless couples that he knew during his younger years. He wanted to help them out and knowing that conceiving a child would make these couples happy, he decided to focus on this area and find out a possible treatment for the disorder. During the early phase of his study into the reasons why infertility develops, he found out that most of the cases involving infertility belonged to women who are having problems with their ovaries.

The ovary is the most important part of the female body because it produces the egg that will be fertilized by the sperm cell in intercourse. Dr. Jim Toner decided to observe egg cells inside his laboratory and produced simulations while integrating the treatment procedures that he is trying to create. After so many failed experiments, he came up with the treatment that he confidently claims to be effective. He is positive with his new treatment, knowing that millions of women around the world would be benefiting from his works. The treatment would allow the woman’s female organ to develop from a series of stress that it had gone through, and by using the most advanced medications available at the clinic of Dr. Jim Toner, the mother could expect to have a baby.

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Jim Toner’s Achievements in Fertility

Infertility is a condition that one out of ten women suffer from in just the United States of America. This means that one out of every ten women has trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant. Many of these women turn to a medical professional such as Dr. Jim Toner to help them have a successful pregnancy. A trustworthy doctor with many good reviews is key for many people when choosing a doctor, and Dr. Toner has just that.

Coming from an outstanding background, Jim Toner has pushed his way through the ranks. Starting with just a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. Joseph’s College, Toner added a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Once he completed his medical degrees, he moved right along to the East Virginia Medical school for an internship. According to fertilityiq.com, after his schooling, Toner settled down to the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine for over 15 years where he received the Resident of the Year award and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha. By the end of his time at the Jones Institute, Toner had worked his way up to become Associate Professor. In 2000, Toner joined The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, where he still currently resides in Georgia.

Toner has wrote over two hundred pieces on reproductive medicine and given over two hundred speeches and presentations about his research. He has received the First Prize Paper award twice and has also received the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba Geigy Award. Along with those, Toner has received the AFS/Ortho Fellowship, the Berlex Foundation Faculty Development Award, and the American Fertility Society Ortho Award.

As for Toner’s clients, he believes that each patient needs to care for in a special way. The patients Toner sees are typically visiting him because they are going through some tough things in their lives and need to be dealt with in the right manor. His first degree in psychology helps him to achieve a good balance for his patient. However, Toner’s focus in his work is in treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriage.

Toner has so far helped and inspired many people in his career and will surely continue to do so. Book an appointment with Dr. Toner now: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/jim-toner-md-4c6ae85e-1525-41ca-9f9e-1d731925191a-appointments

The Secrets of Waiakea Water’s Success

Bottled water has been the most popular consumer drink for a little over two decades now. Since there are several brands now, a current popular sales strategy with many water companies is to advertise it as unique (such as being vitamin-enhanced) and something that the population just can’t live without. What makes Waiakea stand out, however, is the fact that they’re Hawaiian-based. Much of the U.S. population is still sold on the idea that just because something’s from Hawaii that it’s very health beneficial. The other thing is that Waiakea water is actually filtered volcanic water. Their water is filtered from that running the 14,000 feet of Mauna Loa’s porous rock.

Waiakea was co-founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. He was just 22 at the time and was looking to reach young health- and environmentally-conscious people. He succeeded by advertising Waiakea as a sustainable product with original health benefits, and packaging that gives back to the water-starved Malawi communities. Emmons stated that one of the things that has made him stand out from the beginning is the fact that almost everyone else in the bottled water industry is at least in their fifties so he and the other younger beverage entrepreneurs have basically had to come together to be taken just as seriously.

Since 2012, Waiakea’s profits have grown to over 4000 percent with an average annual growth of 170 percent. Waiakea went from selling 2,304 to a whopping 122,400 cases by 2015. This was due largely to local distributors signing onto it very quickly and food industry giants, such as Whole Foods also re-selling it.

Emmons was a recipient of the 2018 Citizenship Awards by Specialty Food Magazine. He is a lifelong surfer and outdoorsmen who has a lifelong fascination with the workings of water. Aside from being volcanic, Waiakea water also contains several minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and electrolytes.



Jeunesse Global Plans for the Future

Jeunesse Global is one of the most innovative companies in the health and beauty industry today. There are many people who are excited about the new products that the company is selling. Although this is still a fairly new company in the industry, Jeunesse Global has a ton of great products for people to try.


One of the unique aspects of Jeunesse Global is that it is a direct selling company. This allows people to try the products before making a purchase. With this in mind, Jeunesse Global is a wonderful company to work with. (More:bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=182487306)



Helping Customers


There is massive demand from customers today who want to look and feel younger. This is the biggest reason why the health and beauty industry is growing so rapidly. Many people are tired of trying traditional health and beauty products. Instead, they can use products like the ones offered by Jeunesse Global.


A popular nutritional supplement that Jeunesse produces and sells is called Finiti. It comes in a bottle packaging that contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage of Finiti is two tablets twice a day every day. Finiti is meant to help you achieve greater overall health and fight against aging. Key ingredients in this supplement include Coenzyme Q10, tocopherol, tocotrienols and various herbal supplements such as astragalus root extract.



In the coming months, Jeunesse Global is planning on launching more new products for customers. Jeunesse Global has had to work hard in order to satisfy the demand from customers. With the rapid growth of the company, Jeunesse Global has had to borrow money in order to invest in new production options. Although this is a good thing, Jeunesse wants to make sure to invest wisely in new product development.





Another reason for the success of Jeunesse Global is the marketing strategy used by the company. Instead of spending a lot of money on traditional marketing, Jeunesse Global encourages customers to share photos and videos of their makeup products online. This is a great way to show new customers how much of a difference these products can make. Click Here for more information.


As the population around the world gets older, more people than ever are going to want products to help them look younger. Jeunesse Global is the type of company that can help you reach your goals in this area of your life.


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Juenesse Global Harnesses Benefits Of Red Wine, Without The Alcohol

Jeunesse Global has become one of the most rapidly ascending brand in the world. As a company that has only been in existence for a mere nine years, the success that Jeunesse has enjoyed is virtually unparalleled. In such a short time, Jeunesse Global has accomplished the incredible feat of going from garage-based startup to one of the most significant players in the global health and beauty industry.


The secret behind Jeunesse’s meteoric rise has been its ability to quickly get innovative and highly effective products to market. When health and beauty industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to form another company, the serial entrepreneurs decided on doing something a little different. Rather than creating a health and beauty firm that relied on the traditional means of marketing, with the huge costs of advertising, merchandising and logistics, Ray and Lewis opted to go with a direct marketing model. (More: pinterest.com/jeunesseglobal/)


Not only would this model allow for a leaner cost structure, it would allow Ray and Lewis to spread the opportunities of American business to those who, by accident of birth, had been born in less advantaged regions of the planet. Within its first full year of operations, the company had recruited dozens of distributors. By its fifth year, it has thousands of people selling Jeunesse products worldwide and recruiting new entrepreneurs to the Jeunesse business plan.


But at its core, the company revolves around great products. One example is Reserve, the company’s super-fruit health drink. Reserve taps into the potential of red wine to fight off heart disease and stroke and increase longevity, all without the negative effects of alcohol.


Using the ingredient resveratrol, the main substance thought to confer the many benefits of red wine consumption, Reserve also packs in the one-two punch of dozens of other healthy and all-natural ingredients, making for one of the healthiest disease-fighting formulations that have ever hit the market. See This Page for more information.



Reserve also tastes great. The fact that the drink uses no artificial flavors or ingredients means that it tastes like no other health drink on the market. Users say it is one of the most addicting health drinks they have ever sampled.


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