Infertility – Dr. Jim Toner has the Answers

The struggle with fertility is a problem known to many. The issue is often times not spoken about so there are many times when people feel alone in this topic. As the years have gone by the topic has become more and more open. There is one doctor who is making waves in the fertility industry and that is Dr. Jim Toner, MD, PHD.

Jim Toner is a board-certified specialist who is currently employed at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. He joined the team in 2000 after a very successful career at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, VA where he was the director of many different programs. Dr. Toner received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985, which he then produced to pursue his Residency and Fellowship at the Jones Institute. Here he received the prestigious awards of Resident of the Year in 1989, an induction into Alpha Omega Alpha, and was then invited to join the highly sought after establishment of Jones Institute where he spent the last 15 years.

Dr. Toner has contributed many publications to the research of reproductive medicine. He is best known for his work with ovarian reserve and the impact it has on fertility. For these contributions he has received many awards and is a nationally recognized speaker on the topic of reproduction and fertility. He works very closely with his patients and has doctorial training in psychology which allows him to understand the emotional toll this can take on many people. He is able to provide his clients with induvial and unique approaches based on their needs.

Based on the reviews Dr. Toner has received anyone seeking medical help in fertility can see that he is an excellent choice. He receives top marks in all categories but seems to excel in trustworthiness, answering questions and explaining conditions to his clients. Dr. Toner himself is not just brilliant at what he does but he also requires his staff to go above and beyond. He knows that people are coming to him with pressing issues. His staff surpasses in friendless and creating an environment that people feel comfortable in. If fertility is an issue that is affect you or someone you’re close to reach out to Dr. Toner, you never know he may just change your life or the life of your loved ones.

Here’s Dr. Toner’s career history:

The Successful Career of Jim Toner

Early Life and Education Background of Jim Toner

Jim Toner has led a successful career and work experience in the Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. He started his career by attending St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia. He successfully graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once he was done with his first degree, he attended the University of Pennsylvania where he was awarded both his Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Medical Science Training Program. He was given the honor to pursue Residency and Fellowship training at Jones Institute. They would later realize that he had a teaching talent and awarded him with the Residency of the Year Award. The institute then named him as an associate professor in the distinguished faculty. He worked as an associate professor for 15 years.

Work and Career

According to, Dr. Jim Toner became the director of Fellowship program and Third-Party Program at Jones Institute. In 2000, he shifted to the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM) where he is currently based. He holds the position of the director of Third-Party Reproductive Program in ACRM. He is popularly known to produce excellent results in Third-Party and Fellowship Programs.

Throughout his careers, he has done 80 article publications, 100 abstracts, and 20 chapters with regards to Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. He is also famous for the research he conducted regarding the Ovarian reserve and how it impacts reproduction. Moreover, he has undertaken analyses relating to progesterone and ovarian stimulations.

He has also achieved various recognitions from different associations. For instance, the American Association of fertility presented him with an Ortho award. Additionally, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ with Ciba-Geigy Award.

Jim Toner is a community leader and has contributed to many local and world conferences. Throughout his career, he has managed to do over 200 presentations in conferences. Moreover, he is an active member and contributor of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). He has also served as the president of Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART).

AS the psychology, he is dedicated to counseling patients who have ordeals related to fertilization of reproductivity. Moreover, he understands the benefits of customer feedback and confidentiality.

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Dr. Jim Toner: Researcher And Specialist In Reproductive Endocrinology

Jim Toner is a medical professional who is incredibly experienced in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology. One of the main areas that he specializes in is in the treatment of infertility and other related disorders. He is a part of the Atlanta Care for Reproductive Medicine, which is an institution that works to provide people with treatments and care for a range of reproductive disorders and needs. Dr. Jim Toner has led an expansive career that has given him an incredibly well-renowned name. He has worked with several notable institutions through the course of his career and has had the opportunity to work with a range of doctors who are all proficient in the fields that they are in. This experience has made Dr. Jim Toner a more well-rounded medical professional who can help patients who have been diagnosed with a variety of different conditions.

While working at different medical institutions, Dr. Jim Toner always made it a point to step up to some form of leadership position and take on a more active role within the clinic or hospital. One of the places that he was more well-known at was the Jones Institute of Reproductive Medicine, located in Norfolk. The position that Dr. Jim Toner held here was that of the director of the Fellowship Program that the institute conducted. He was known for being an incredibly well-distinguished member of the because of his involvement with its programs, and also the activities that he decided to take on.

Dr. Jim Toner has emerged to be such a proficient doctor and industry leader is because of the educational qualifications that he possesses. He has a B.S in and soon after started to get more and more interested in medical sciences, particularly, about research. He decided to pursue this from the University of Pennsylvania and after that proceeded to get an M.D and a Ph.D. from the same university.

Because of his keen interest in research, Dr. Toner has contributed immensely to the field of reproductive endocrinology. He has published work on various aspects of the field and has been able to improve the treatments that are being offered because of the insight that he has been able to draw up. A lot of the work that he has researched on has gone on to aid those who were being affected by a range of reproductive disorders.

Because of the tremendous amount of accomplishments that he has to his name, Dr. Toner has gone on to win several awards from notable institutions. He has also been a speaker at various lectures, conferences and other kinds of events.

Dr. Jim Toner Contact Details:

Jim Toner’s Achievements in Fertility

Infertility is a condition that one out of ten women suffer from in just the United States of America. This means that one out of every ten women has trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant. Many of these women turn to a medical professional such as Dr. Jim Toner to help them have a successful pregnancy. A trustworthy doctor with many good reviews is key for many people when choosing a doctor, and Dr. Toner has just that.

Coming from an outstanding background, Jim Toner has pushed his way through the ranks. Starting with just a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. Joseph’s College, Toner added a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Once he completed his medical degrees, he moved right along to the East Virginia Medical school for an internship. According to, after his schooling, Toner settled down to the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine for over 15 years where he received the Resident of the Year award and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha. By the end of his time at the Jones Institute, Toner had worked his way up to become Associate Professor. In 2000, Toner joined The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, where he still currently resides in Georgia.

Toner has wrote over two hundred pieces on reproductive medicine and given over two hundred speeches and presentations about his research. He has received the First Prize Paper award twice and has also received the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba Geigy Award. Along with those, Toner has received the AFS/Ortho Fellowship, the Berlex Foundation Faculty Development Award, and the American Fertility Society Ortho Award.

As for Toner’s clients, he believes that each patient needs to care for in a special way. The patients Toner sees are typically visiting him because they are going through some tough things in their lives and need to be dealt with in the right manor. His first degree in psychology helps him to achieve a good balance for his patient. However, Toner’s focus in his work is in treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriage.

Toner has so far helped and inspired many people in his career and will surely continue to do so. Book an appointment with Dr. Toner now:

Jeunesse Global creates Y.E.S. system to bring about Generation Young

Health and beauty industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis suddenly found themselves facing a unique conundrum in the summer of 2009. The industrious couple had spent the preceding five decades building some of the most successful and important companies in the direct-marketing business. Now, they suddenly found themselves trying to fill their days with meaningful activities. While they loved spending extra time with their grandkids, that joy only could only fill so many hours. For the first time in their lives, the couple felt both restless and genuinely bored.

Lewis came up with the idea of selling a few beauty products out of the couple’s garage. Soon, Ray had jumped in. Before long, the wealthy Florida couple was spending over 40 hours per week selling products. This business would eventually become Jeunesse Global. But it was different in a number of key ways from other health and beauty companies and even from the prior ventures that Ray and Lewis had established. The main difference was that neither Ray nor Lewis had any real intention of acquiring additional wealth. Therefore, from the get-go, Jeunesse Global was far more focused on creating revolutionary products and spreading economic opportunity across the globe than in filling the already-wealthy couple’s bank accounts further.

From the start, Jeunesse has been focused on creating what Ray and Lewis refer to as Generation Young. Through the company’s Youth Enhancement System, Ray and Lewis have devised a suite of products that put some of the most powerful age-defying tools ever created into the hands of ordinary people across the globe. The Generation Young initiative is designed to create the first generation ever that will be able to stave off the worst effects of aging for decades, by using revolutionary products like the Y.E.S. system.

Jeunesse Global continues churning out new products every year. It currently has some of the most popular facial cremes in the world listed among its product portfolio. The company continues funding original research into anti-aging techniques and agents, making it one of the most cutting-edge health and beauty firms in the world today.

Jeunesse Global has come a long way in nine years. And there’s no sign it’s going to slow down any time soon.,19.htm

Jeunesse tackles competitive multivitamin market with AM PM Essentials

Although Jeunesse Global is not yet a household name, for many people across the globe, hearing the name rings a bell. That’s because the company, which was only founded 9 years ago, in 2009, has grown from a startup run out of a retired couple’s garage to become one of the most important distributors of health and beauty products in the world today.

Founded by expert direct marketers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse was created as a way for the couple to pass their spare time and give something back to the global community that had given them so much. Both Ray and Lewis knew that there were many parts of the globe where talented and industrious populations didn’t share the same kinds of economic opportunities that they as Americans had enjoyed.

They created the Jeunesse Global business plan, giving distributors up to six distinct income streams, with opportunities for the hardest working and most skilled to make millions of dollars per year from running independent Jeunesse distributorships. Ray and Lewis also focused on creating the best products in the industry. Many of these products have been focused on tightly defined markets. However, when taken together, the company’s total product portfolio comes together as a cohesive means of meeting all the health and beauty needs of a typical customer.

One example of the company’s knack for creating innovative products that meet specific market needs is the firm’s AM PM Essentials multivitamin. This proprietary blend of the most fundamental nutrients allows users to both stay strong, focused and alert throughout the day while providing a great night’s sleep.

One of the paradoxes of health supplements designed to keep people performing at their best throughout the workday has always been the issue of sleep. Products like energy drinks, along with the vitamins and nutrients they contain, provide well-established means of boosting energy and increasing both focus and alertness. The problem with busy professionals who rely on these substances to keep their edge during the day is that they often lead unavoidably to sleep problems at night.

AM PM Essentials is one of the first multivitamins designed specifically to address this issue, allowing users to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

Mark McKenna’s From Himself To The World of Pampering Surgical Practice

One of the most overlooked medical practices in the country is about to get an entrepreneurial transformation. Dr. Mark McKenna surveys cosmetic surgery and practice lacking what other advancing fields in the world have already delivered, a commercial and technological platform inside the public sphere. Any treatment practice involving self-image restoration wanting to thrive in today’s society needs a broader, more accessible platform.

Dr. Mark McKenna plans to convert the black sheep of medical practice into that of Uber and Airbnb, whose wide-gap success is primarily owed to media technology and strategic tech-devised gateways. Dr. McKenna is founder and owner of Atlanta’s newly granted aesthetic procedural clinic OVME, pronounced “Of Me”, a dream haven for cosmetic care and body image treatments. Dr. McKenna combines his two passions with his new establishment.

A graduate of Tulane School of Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna has been running businesses ventures since his time at Tulane. Growing up and watching his doctor father stress over the money side of medicine, Dr. McKenna sought out real-estate investments to equilibrate his potential losses. He invested all he had in med student and bought out properties in his college- and home-town of New Orleans, Louisiana. When Katrina hit in 2005 Dr. McKenna regained all his property losses through public housing reconstruction projects. After leaving leave New Orleans for Atlanta, he returned to his medical background and opened ShapeMed, a local surgical procedures clinic, similar to OVME with no subsidiaries or funding from elsewhere.

With an upper hand inside online marketing, his company was able top the million dollar mark and grab the attention of health and fitness giant, LifeTime Fitness and be purchased within the 8-year mark. Shortly after, Dr. Mark McKenna dived for a more self-inclined investment, that of OVME. With towering health and fitness investment company, responsible for the success of Orange Theory Fitness Chain, Equity38 on its back, Dr. Mark McKenna’s new enterprise is ready to revolutionize the cosmetic world. OVME’s purpose, different from other local cosmetic surgeons will be to individualize each patient and their needs with on-call, at-home private visit options and stronger contact between patients and specialists. OVME’s opening takes place in March 2018, Atlanta, GA.

Innovating Medicine With Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid has been involved with studying about gluteal augmentation for years. He has teamed up with Dr. Raul Gonzalez of Brazil several times to learn about the industry. With high percentages of plastic surgeries being conducted in Brazil, Mark knew learning and working with Dr. Gonzalez would be the right fit for him. From Mark’s experiences, his desire to shape the gluteal augmentation industry began to grow.

The graduate of Harvard University and John Hopkins University has a prestigious educational background. However, when he embarked on his path to open his practice he began meekly. Today, him and his wife, who is also a doctor, work tirelessly together in his private practice. Mark has a team of four front desk office staff, two surgical technologists and a full time nurse. There is minimal website marketing and no print advertising but the doctor’s business sees its fair share of thousands of clients yearly. The doctor states that the best marketing practices for his office is doing the best work possible for the patient.

Working as a surgeon, Mark Mofid has come across various problems that he believed he could have a hand in solving. An expert in gluteal augmentation, the traditional implants that surgeons had been using for years didn’t seem to be the best quality. Mark knew the type of implants that were being used were not compatible with the natural muscular structure of the body.

These type of implants were meant to sage and frankly just generic. Mark invested his time and money into designing and creating a worthier implant. His invention worked with the intramuscular system of the body, looked nicer, was safer and pleased the client. Mark’s invention took the cosmetic surgery by storm and established him with a medically renown reputation.

Mark Mofid’s intuitive research, bold exploration and phenomenal results have caused the doctor to be a masterful leader in the cosmetic industry. He is a man of constant action: constantly researching, constantly exploring, constantly innovating, constantly pleasing patients. Above else, Dr. Mark Mofid’s patient’s well-being and satisfaction is his top concern and priority.

The Team at EOS get rave Reviews for their new Vegan lip Balms

Evolution of Smooth recently introduced a new line of lip balms. In keeping with the company’s focus on delivering products that meet the needs of today’s consumers, the new line contains balms classified as vegan. This was accomplished by eliminating the beeswax found in most other types of lip balms. Unlike the company’s other lines this new line currently features two balms that are completely colorless. This is why they are called Crystal balms. The current balms in this line are available in flavors of hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid.

When the founders of EOS first started making their balms they decided to take an approach that would make their products stand out from all the rest. They discovered that they could accomplish this by changing the container and making the balms more sensory appealing, view more here. Their orb-shaped container was designed to fit comfortably inside the palm of the hand. The balms themselves were created to address the senses by coming in a variety of delicious flavors made with natural ingredients, which also gave the balm color. Although the round-shaped container became an instant hit, the company decided to make the the containers for their new crystal line appear a bit more futuristic.

The design of their containers and the visual appeal of their balms are not the only differences found in the products made by EOS. They also address the issues people have with keeping lips moisturized and hydrated, refer also to The balms available in their active line are made with sunscreen to help protect lips during prolonged exposure to the sun. Their medicated lip balm contains ingredients that help relieve the pain associated with dry chapped lips, while at the same time helping to heal them. This balm combines the cooling properties of chamomile with the healing properties of cocoa butter and Shea butter.

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Jeunesse Global Plans for the Future

Jeunesse Global is one of the most innovative companies in the health and beauty industry today. There are many people who are excited about the new products that the company is selling. Although this is still a fairly new company in the industry, Jeunesse Global has a ton of great products for people to try.


One of the unique aspects of Jeunesse Global is that it is a direct selling company. This allows people to try the products before making a purchase. With this in mind, Jeunesse Global is a wonderful company to work with. (



Helping Customers


There is massive demand from customers today who want to look and feel younger. This is the biggest reason why the health and beauty industry is growing so rapidly. Many people are tired of trying traditional health and beauty products. Instead, they can use products like the ones offered by Jeunesse Global.


A popular nutritional supplement that Jeunesse produces and sells is called Finiti. It comes in a bottle packaging that contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage of Finiti is two tablets twice a day every day. Finiti is meant to help you achieve greater overall health and fight against aging. Key ingredients in this supplement include Coenzyme Q10, tocopherol, tocotrienols and various herbal supplements such as astragalus root extract.



In the coming months, Jeunesse Global is planning on launching more new products for customers. Jeunesse Global has had to work hard in order to satisfy the demand from customers. With the rapid growth of the company, Jeunesse Global has had to borrow money in order to invest in new production options. Although this is a good thing, Jeunesse wants to make sure to invest wisely in new product development.





Another reason for the success of Jeunesse Global is the marketing strategy used by the company. Instead of spending a lot of money on traditional marketing, Jeunesse Global encourages customers to share photos and videos of their makeup products online. This is a great way to show new customers how much of a difference these products can make. Click Here for more information.


As the population around the world gets older, more people than ever are going to want products to help them look younger. Jeunesse Global is the type of company that can help you reach your goals in this area of your life.


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