Fabletics Looks To Build A Historic Brand Rivaling Amazon

The Amazon brand has dominated the Online retailing industry since the company was founded in 1994 as an Online bookseller with an eye on developing an Online community of readers who would write reviews for each other to enjoy about the products purchased. The Amazon brand has since expanded to include more than 20 percent market share of the Online fashion retail sector and remains dominant in most fields; this provides new retailers with a number of options including looking for areas Amazon does not reach or taking on the Online giant head on.


Fabletics has chosen the latter strategy of taking on Amazon and seeking to dent its market share with a consistent move to create an Online community dedicated to living an active and healthy lifestyle. Unlike Amazon, Fabletics is looking to provide a more personalized service based on the ability of each potential member of Fabletics to complete a simple lifestyle quiz revealing much about which products they should be interested in after the completion of a short survey.


Data has formed a major part of the way the growth of Fabletics as a brand has been completed with a range of options opened up by the brand to create a new way of looking at members of the Site and identify their likes and dislikes. The inclusion of physical stores is just one way the Fabletics brand has been listening to its customers who often stated they wished to be able to try on items before making a final purchase. Throughout the membership period, the Fabletics brand looks to expand upon the initial survey completed by its members to ensure they have the ability to make changes to the styles of clothing liked and the activities any individual is taking part in.


From its inception, Fabletics has hoped to build a strong following of individuals who aspire to live a life similar to that of founding partner and brand ambassador, Kate Hudson. The actress who shot to fame in “Almost Famous” is now closely linked to the brand she helped launch in such a way she regularly appears on her own social media pages wearing Fabletics branded clothing. The desire to aid the company in any way possible has even led Kate Hudson to introduce guest designers to the Fabletics brand at press launches such as that marking the launch of a line created by singer, Demi Lovato.

What Makes Lime Crime a Different Type of Beauty Brand

Lime Crime is a phenomenally different type of makeup brand. Unlike many companies on the shelves today that seek to please everyone and make the largest amount of sales possible, Lime Crime has always prided itself on catering to the few and to the unique. They call their followers Unicorns. Lime Crime doesn’t have buyers, consumers or fans, they have followers that are as dedicated to their brand as ever.

This was the goal for founder and current creative director Doe Deere. She has always expressed herself very creatively and today she is a known fashion icon. She sports bright looks that not only entail her makeup, but her wildly colored hair changes on an almost daily basis to express her varying moods and looks. She is fiercely loyal to her vision for Lime Crime and never strays from that original vision.

Lime Crime took a different approach to how they would do business when found Doe Deere started the company just a few short years ago. Instead of starting with branding and sales targets, they started with finding out what their future fans really wanted. They started with a strategy that combined social media and digital marketing to reach people who were looking to express themselves through the power of makeup. This is still their philosophy today and they dedicate a large section of their website to showcasing how fans use social media to show their #LimeCrime looks. This is a huge move for a beauty brand as people feel close to a brand are likely to become continual buyers and fans for life.

LimeCrime also shook up the beauty world by using a new technology that allowed people to see digitally how a lipstick shade would actually look on a real set of lips and not just with a swatch of color.

With its new line of Polly Pocket style eyeshadows, called Pocket Candy Pallettes, Lime Crime is again showing that they will continue to innovate and make beauty products that appeal to their unique Unicorns and not to the masses, even though they have become far more mainstream in the past several years.

Lime Crime Introduces Line Of Vegan Hair Dyes

Fans of the unicorn-inspired makeup brand Lime Crime will be thrilled to learn that the company has just announced a line of thirteen bright pastel semi-permanent hair dyes. The Unicorn Hair line offers a variety of dreamy and incredibly unique shades that are guaranteed to turn some heads.


According to Doe Deere, the brand’s CEO and founder, it’s taken three years to develop the perfect formula. The result is a hair dye that actually hydrates hair instead of frying it thanks to a rich vegetable glycerin base.


Unicorn Hair dyes are also vegan and cruelty-free. Anyone familiar with the brand will not be surprised by this information as Deere is very outspoken about her love of animals.


The brand has established itself as the leader of beauty trends by creating shades of color that aren’t available anywhere else. The Unicorn Hair line offers colors that are highly imaginative compared to the typical pastel hues we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years. For example, Gargoyle is a toned down indigo with hints of moody blues and purples. Neon Peach is sure to replace the candy pink trend with its rich orange tones.


Unicorn Hair dyes are surprisingly affordable at $16 a jar. Each shade is available as a full coverage dye as well as a tint. For those with lighter shades of blonde hair who want to add just a hint of color, the tint is the way to go. Tints last through about ten washes.


Full coverage dyes are better for those with darker shades of blonde and are more intensely pigmented. Plus, full coverage dyes last through about twelve to fifteen washes.


Because Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair dyes contain no harsh chemicals like most hair dyes, customers are free to switch up their hair color to their heart’s content. As an added bonus, the brand’s unique formula won’t stain fabrics and surfaces.


Deere, a passionate supporter of unapologetic self-expression, encourages her customers to experiment with mixing different shades. The company’s website even offers tips for combining colors for different effects. As a matter of fact, the colorful CEO has been experimenting with pastel hair herself for years.


Lime Crime was launched in 2008 and has been developing wild and whimsical cosmetics ever since. Deere’s mission is to encourage makeup lovers to stop hiding their flaws and start getting creative with visual forms of self-expression. Her dedication to wild and bright colors has won the hearts of millennial beauty consumers. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html



Feel Fabulous with All-New Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

For the bold fashionista who is longing for bright colored hair, a brand new product is hitting the market. Lime Crime has come out with an entirely cruelty-free, all vegan hair color that is as gorgeous as it is humane. Unicorn Hair dyes are the perfect addition to your everyday outfit, with 13 show-stopping colors that will turn heads. From stone gray to bright purple, lime green to baby pink, the selection is equal parts varied and daring. The colors also come with cute names, such as salad (for the green) to anime (a beautiful protagonist blue), meaning you can feel good while you look good too.



This product won’t ruin your hair either. Unlike other hair dyes, Unicorn Hair does not contain harmful ammonia or bleach, both of which can cause permanent and irreversible damage to hair follicles. The colors are semi-permanent, lasting anywhere from 8-12 washes, depending on which kind of dye you decide to purchase. Tints generally last from 8-10 washes and are used to provide a pastel look to your hair do. Full coverage dyes, on the other hand, can last anywhere from 10-12 washes and give your hair a more vibrant look for much longer. The length that the dye lasts is entirely dependent on how careful you are while washing; washing with cold water will help maintain color for longer. Unicorn Hair dye works best for lighter shades of hair, such as medium to platinum blond.



The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, is known for sporting outrageous and playful colors in her own hair for years, and that has served as the launch pad for the new range of colors. The color formula was three years in the making, ensuring that it was made using ethical practices and used natural ingredients. Now, anyone looking to emulate the style of self-crowned Unicorn Queen can choose from a variety of vivid and beautiful colors to up their ‘do. Plus, each container of the semi-permanent dye is a meager $16, so you won’t be breaking the bank when you sport your new lovely locks.



Wengie Gives Us The Straight Scoop With Draw My Life


Showing off her extreme love for everything kawaii, the YouTube Personality known as Wengie recently brought to life her story through the “Draw My Life” trend using a cute anime style known as chibi. Letting her impressive level of pep seep through the paper and explode vivid illustrations of her life story that starts with her four year old adventure into the foreign world of Australia to live with her parents after spending her infant years with her grandparents back at her native country. Having successfully managed to earn herself a whopping 76,000+ amount of likes for her creative video, Wengie brings that adorable voice to the speaker to vocally explain her cutesy illustrations of what happened to her to bring her to where she is today. Siting sweet anecdotes from childhood like that of trying to eat the clouds and sucking on rice as a baby because she liked the taste but not the food, Wengie uses simple black lines on a white board to express herself in a clear and direct fashion that is much like how she is on a general level at all times through out the lifetime of her impressive YouTube career where the bubbly and vivacious young woman oddly has become the face of youth despite being 31 years old herself which is quite a curious number considering her baby smooth skin, big and bright eyes, and her willowy features! Wengie’s Draw My Life episode on her YouTube channel is getting a lot of buzz and it’s no surprise why, with that lively personality and her kawaii obsessed nature the YouTube star is a worldwide sensation of whom everyone seems to be head over heels for. The ten minute long video is an excellent opportunity to finally get the official scoop on the beauty guru and life hack enthusiast who as always has found a unique manner of connecting with her fans to show that she’s just another human like anyone else who can sometimes be a bit of a dork… which only makes the lot of us fall to loving her even more!

Fabletics Brings Fashion to the Customer

Back in the days before e-commerce took hold as a new kind of shopping experience, women (and men) would routinely go out to store showrooms when they were in need of new clothes. Customers would spend hours driving from store to store for a chance to find clothes that fit and that were priced well. Today, those routines have been completely turned around, as the online experience takes over.


There’s no question that online shopping offers a kind of convenience that’s become quite irresistible for consumers. Today, if the ordering choices are right, the fashion comes right to the customer’s door, ready to wear. If the size or look is wrong, however, a customer can easily exchange their order for another choice. Yes, it’s pretty straightforward, and in response, the world of online commerce has become more and more competitive.


Today competion for customers online is more intense than ever. amazon.com now has 20 percent of the online fashion market, which means new companies starting out are being forced to compete even harder for those other customers. Consumers expect a lot from companies now, too, beyond the tried and true values of high quality products offered at reasonable prices. Companies today are expected to deliver unique brand messages, last mile service and incredible customer service experiences, too, in order just to stay competitive.


Fabletics Delivers For Customers


Fabletics, the e-commerce activewear line co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, is one online fashion company that is breaking through in this highly competitive market. After just three years in business, Fabletics is now valued at $250 million, which is an amazing accomplishment for any type of online company.


What’s the secret to the success of Fabletics? One aspect is the unique customer service from the line, via the Fabletics VIP subscription service. Customers fill out an online questionnaire that lets the brand know their activewear preferences, according to their specific workout style, be it jogging, yoga or other sports. For a monthly fee, customers then receive a monthly selection of activewear, curated by Hudson herself. This special level of service, along with Hudson’s involvement as a spokesperson and the affordable price point of the brand, has made Fabletics highly appealing to customers who aspire to an active lifestyle.


There’s no doubt the fashion world remains highly competitive. Yet success stories like Fabletics are definitely making a difference in this fast-paced market.

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