The Entrepreneur Life of Perry Madera

Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Cares Charities, a full service transportation provider. The company has hundreds of employees and generates $200 million in sales from the headquarters in Northlake, Illinois and other locations in the United States.

Perry Mandera’s career started off in the Marines, where he joined right after he graduated from high school in Chicago. His job in the Marines was to transport supplies and soldiers, which showed him how great of an impact transporting had on a much larger scale. However, his Marines experience is more of an emotional and heartfelt experience. He speaks fondly of his fellow troops and the emotional connection they had.

Perry Mandera was honorably discharged from the Marines, but that did not stop his ambition. In 1984, he was elected for Republic Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago. He served as such for four years and was also known as the youngest Republican Ward in Chicago.

Not only is Perry Mandera a great businessman, he is also a philanthropist. He has a lot of compassion for helping others, and he does so by funding and implementing programs for those who are less fortunate. He puts an emphasis on helping children specifically through charities, by giving them financial assistance, clothes, and transportation services (Dailyforexreport). He also has a campaign where he asks his employees to highlight people who are in need of some extra assistance, especially around the holidays. Perry Mandera prides himself in helping those certain individuals to make their holidays a little less stressful.

Perry Madera is a very busy man and says he only sleeps around 4 hours a night. On a typical day, he answers around 300 emails a day and has about 9,000 cellphone minutes used up a month. He also has lunch everyday with a vendor or employee while discussing status updates. For Perry Madera, every moment is a working moment. The rest of the week is dedicated to his family.