EDTECH ending a four year low-Class Dojo valuable player

Entrepreneurs in education technology are reaching the end of a 4 year low. According to an article recently released by The Entrepreneur, investments are rising and on track to reach 1.4 billion by Pitchbooks account before the end of 2017. Although the EDTECH industry is looking up, investors and entrepreneurs are concerned with the upcoming adverse effects that the U.S federal education budget will have on sales.

Niche education markets seem to have been all the rave this year. Edtech accelerators, such as the Jefferson Education Accelerator help test and prove the capabilities of the products faster. Educational gaming platforms have gained interest to investors. One thing is for sure teacher’s views on products heavily sway the market. Teachers have very busy schedules. They have staff meetings, parent meetings, and classroom planning. Tech tools that solve problems and save valuable time are the ones that gain the respect and loyalty of the market. For example, Class Dojo is used in 90% of K-8 schools in the United States.

EDTECH superstar, Class Dojo has proven to be a great platform for communication. Students, teachers, and parents can all interact through messaging on a kid-friendly platform Teachers can also post class photos and messages to the home feed. Thanks to this program, the days of sending your child with a sealed envelope and waiting a day for a response, are over.

Each student has avatar that can includes a behavior chart that the parent or caregiver can view at any time. The teacher can add or deduct points during the day.

On your homepage, you will have three headings: Home, Your Kids, and Messages. The homepage displays a feed where teachers and faculty can post pictures, updates or other useful information. The right sidebar gives you a list of your connected classes. Clicking on a class would change the message feed to the specific teacher’s posts.