Bountiful Buckets of Beneful Dog food at Walmart

Beneful dog food is now available at your local Walmart supermarkets and stores, with a bountiful range of options of both wet and dry foods with real ingredients. Whether you are interested in an assorted variety pack of wet foods for $10.58 or a 15.5 lb bag of dry food with real beef for $13.98 your options are abundant and choices not limited to one or two Beneful products. For instance, Walmart also carries Beneful healthy weight with real chicken even though they do not currently have an option available with salmon. Walmart also offers specific coupons designed to help you save money on certain Beneful dog food products. One such coupon is currently available online through which has been created for you to have the option of saving $2.00 on your next purchase of Beneful’s Incredebites dry dog food. If you prefer to shop in quantity Walmart also offers Purina Beneful Originals with real beef 40 lb. dry food bags for $33.98. At this price you receive the dog food at 85.0¢ per lb which may prove useful for pet owners who prefer to shop in bulk or for larger dogs. If one is more interested in going the prepared food route for their furry friend, Beneful does offer larger prepared food variety packs you are able to purchase at Walmart. One such option is the 12 pack of 10 oz. cans available for $19.94. This assorted variety pack comes with multiple flavors including chicken, beef, and lamb and is good for dogs in all life stages. As you can see, Walmart does have an abundance of Beneful products ranging from wet and dry food available for its customers and to know more click here


Beneful Dry Dog Food Ingredients Changing How You Feed Your Pet

Pet owners who aren’t feeding their furry friends Beneful grain-free with real farm-raised chicken dry dog food should take a closer look at the ingredients in the foods they buy. It might surprise them to discover that they are sacrificing the health of their dog because of the unhealthy ingredients in those bags. With Beneful Walmart, there are no hidden ingredients, no surprises, only healthy and nutritious choices.

Every bag of Beneful brand dog food is produced at Purina facilities in the United States, where employees take the time to do extensive quality checks of every bag that leaves the family. These workers see all the healthy ingredients that go into each bag, that is part of the reason they only feed their own pets this brand dog food.

Once you dog tries Beneful, they will start to look and feel like a new pup. Each bag is packed with wholesome farm-raised chicken and colorful accents like spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries. This dry dog food offers your dog a balanced and complete nutritional meal that comes with 23 essential minerals and vitamins. The team at Beneful may have removed the grain, but they did not sacrifice flavor, something you will notice as your dog licks the bowl clean.

New Improve Baneful the best Option for Dog Lovers

Every dog lover today is feeding their dogs foods that have ingredients familiar to them. Beneful is a favorite dog food brand among dog lovers. Beneful also has had its share of criticism. Beneful is a product of Nestle Purina PetCare.

In 2015, plaintiff brought a class action suit against Nestle Purina over the dog food products. The case is still pending, but Purina claims that the lawyers have yet to submit any test results. The veterinarian and others have provided reports, and it shows that there are no harmful traces of anything that would harm an animal.

Purina has been improving Beneful and has made changes that have improved the product. Purina vice president is Janet Jackson, and her research is responsible for the nutrition innovations. She has a Ph.D. from University of Illinois and been with the company since 1990.

The new product according to the vice-president is not related to the lawsuit and has been developed for over two years. All the Beneful dry dog foods have new recipes. The new Beneful products have no added sugar, and they have also removed glycol even though it is considered to be safe. Purina has also reduced the amount of dye they use in Beneful. In future as they improve their product further they plan to eliminate all artificial colorants even though Food and Drug Administration still approve it.

The Huffington Post in interview spokes with the vice president and the vice president of marketing Beneful was discussed in details. The new dog food has been tested for palatability by volunteers and their dogs and has received high marks. The people in charge at Purina are committed to Beneful and are very critical of quality control and safety protocols.

In 24 hours’ production Purina conducts 30,000 quality checks on processing, ingredients, packaging, and packing.Purina is the gold standard of all animal food products and feeds over 14 million dogs every year according to Nielsen.

The top management of Nestle Purina assures everyone including critics that Beneful products are safe and highly nutritious to all dogs. It has the lowest prices in the market.