Importance of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is different from its competitors. It is the leading provider of criminal and civil justice using technology solutions. It is located in Dallas. It provides solutions in corrections, investigation, monitoring, and public safety. The company completed an American certification under service organizations. They are now free to carry out their activities smoothly. The certification means that the company can now safeguard and manage data and information that belong to clients.


Securus Technologies company is in the process of installing highly sophisticated inmate telecommunication. This will help them to meet the public safety and the security of their customers. The platforms will record millions of calls and manage the process effectively for investigation and security purposes. It is the only inmate technology platform that has received certification. There are more than 1,200,000 correctional agencies across all parts of North America. The company is committed to serving and connecting inmates. They intend to provide public information, incident management, and biometric analysis. They are also committed to offering inmate self-service, monitoring products, and emergency response to make the world a better place.


Very many clients have acknowledged our services. There is a customer who recognized our company because of the help that he got concerning LBS software. The client narrated that their department has recovered many illegal assets, cash, and drugs with the aid of other law enforcement forces. Their job of recovering the things could have been difficult without the assistance of Securus Technology. Another client thanked Securus Technologies for providing instant emergency response and using their features until the suspect was taken to court. Another client narrated how our company has helped them in many investigations by providing them with effective tools to carry out the process. Cases of potential threat or harassment of community and other people have been drastically reduced.


How Rick Smith has helped in Bettering Service Provision in the Corrections Industry

Rick Smith is a highly respected executive in the U.S telecommunication industry. He has a forty years’ experience in the sector and has been the CEO of Securus Technologies as from June 2008. Smith has an outstanding drive and determination that has enabled the company to grow in the corporate world. His excellent management skills have allowed Securus to be recognized as one of the top providers of telecommunication services to the correctional industry. Most of the clients have significantly acknowledged the services that it offers. Rick has built an excellent reputation for himself for the years that he has served as an administrator in different corporations. During his career, he has gained skills in business development, telecommunications, information technology, finance, and many other fields.

Smith is currently based at the main offices of Securus Technologies in Dallas, Texas. The technologies that the company provides are used by over 3450 Canadian and American correctional facilities that accommodate approximately 2.1 million inmates. The scope of service that is offered by Securus Technologies has increased since Rick Smith joined it. The solutions that the firm provides include emergency response, investigations, biometric analysis, communication, and inmate self-service.

The Securus Technologies CEO has accomplished a lot in his career due to his solid education background. He is a graduate of the State University of New York where he was offered a degree in engineering. Rick Smith was then awarded an associate degree in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has served different companies in his career. Rick held various positions at the Global North America Inc., which is a firm that he served until 1998. The administrative positions that he held include the director of business development, the VP of Midwest Telephone Operation, the chief information officer, and the Frontier information Technologies’ president.

The business executive also worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. for about one decade. The company hired him as the CFO in 1998, and he was later promoted to act as its president as from 2000 to 2003. In 2003, he was elevated to serve as the CEO and held the office until 2007. During his time at the corporation, its annual revenue rose from an average of $30 million to $350 million. Eschelon Telecom had its IPO in 2005 when Rick was still its CEO. He retired from the firm in 2007 but is still a member of its board.

Rick’s excellent management skills enabled him to be appointed as Securus Technologies’ chairman and president. Under his management, the firm has invested $600 million in developing different top-notch products. It has invented several new technologies and has also patented them. Securus Technologies’ products have improved service provision in correctional facilities.

How Securus Technologies Offers Its Users and Communities Benefits and Advantages

If you would like to learn about what Securus Technologies is currently offering, please feel free to visit its website, as any and all relevant information is contained within it. Both inmates and their visitors are provided an opportunity of communicating with one another via means of videoconferencing. It is a wonderfully designed and engineered program that’s been created to serve its users with convenience as one of its primary goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact a help desk representative if you have any questions or concerns about the Securus Technologies platform. You may find that there is a vast array of benefits to be attained from utilizing the Securus Technologies program.


What many people do not realize is that many of today’s crimes are committed in correctional facilities. Although inmates are essentially in confinement, there are ways for them to communicate with other inmates, whether it be through the bars in the hallways or during meal times, in which they may be given opportunities of coordinating with visitors to engage in crimes. Many physical visitation sessions are not as secure as they may be made to seem. Although Securus Technologies offers a tremendous amount of convenience for its users, it is highly imperative for both inmates and their visitors to be aware of police agencies’ capabilities of monitoring their conversations. Should illegal matters be discussed in any of them, it is highly likely that the conversation segments will be sent to courts for proceedings of investigations. An inmate should certainly refrain from not only speaking about illegal matters with their visitor(s), but also from engaging in them. Securus Technologies is having a role of improving the conditions of communities through its implementation in communicative systems in many of today’s correctional facilities. Be sure to visit the website as soon as you are ready to begin using the program!


Securus Technologies and Its Impressive Progression

This September, company Securus Technologies was proud to inform the public that eleven employed field specialists earned the honor of receiving certification that is internationally recognized! This is a big accomplishment as the company is a lead provider of civil and criminal justice technologies focusing on investigation, corrections, public safety, and monitoring.


The professional association, Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), supports elements like data and project management in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. BICSI serves over 100 countries and 23,000 ICT professionals with credentials, training, and more. Credential holders manage ICT projects which are involved in aspects of wireless-based systems, pathways, and infrastructure.


Senior Vice President of Operations for Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, expressed that BICSI was “an ideal fit” for the company because of training needs and the standard technology requirements. Mr. Hoyos shared that company’s optimum performance and customer dependence was because of this. He continued to say certifications were highly valued in the company as they brought many benefits to the company and its customers.


Securus Technologies proves its service commitments by servicing over 3,450 correction agencies and public safety, law enforcement despite only being headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company’s services even branch out to over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The company’s service quality is demonstrated by their ability to provide emergency responses, communications, and self-service for inmates, biometric analysis, public information, investigations, and product monitoring.


Overall, Securus Technologies strives to offer protection and make communities a safer place to live in. The effort Securus Technologies has taken to ensure its employees are internationally certified only speaks for the company’s mission to provide safety in local communities. The number of services offered is truly remarkable. Overall, the company wholeheartedly encompasses the idea of proving claims with actions.


ClassDojo App Creates Community in Schools

ClassDojo is a company that is on a crusade. It aims to provide students, parents and their teachers with an exceptional learning environment. It was created back in 2011 in the SF Bay area and its central feature is a communication app or classrooms.  Students can share their activity through the app in the form of videos, photos, and messages. Now, 2 in 3 American School have claimed a ClassDojo membership. ClassDojo is also present in more than 180 nations around the globe.

ClassDojo was recently honored with being named a finalist for an Innovation by Design Award. This award is given out yearly by Fast Company. It aims to identify and acknowledge the most disruptive and innovative solutions in the world of design that also have solve a problem in business environments. ClassDojo will be judged by many of the world’s greatest minds in the realm of technology and design. There were 1,7000 contestants for the prize in the beginning and submissions were made from all over the world. Despite the steep competition, ClassDojo managed to come out on top.

ClassDojo has 2 special features within its app. They are Class Story and School Story respectively. They allow parents, students, and teachers to share moments with each other and engage in communication throughout the day. Stories can be accessed in real time through a constantly updating stream in video and photo form. Parents and teachers can view their student’s activity on any desktop or mobile device for their convenience.

Monica Harvancik is a designer at ClassDojo. She says that parents and teachers wanted a way to connect and share in special moments in the lives of the children. ClassDojo enables this in a way that has never before been imagined.  The brilliance of the ClassDojo app is that it allows connections to be made in a way that is practically seamless. ClassDojo is proud of the recognition it has received for its innovation and hard work in creating a communication platform for parents, students, and teachers. This is a ground-up effort that is revolutionizing education across the United States and in many other countries as well. Class Dojo believes that by creating community it can increase the joy of learning for everyone involved in a child’s education.