Andrew Rocklage Builds His Brand By Investing In His Employees

Andrew Rocklage has always expressed a keen interest in business. Currently, he is the founder and operator of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, a well known indoor trampoline park. It is one of the most unique attractions in the nation.

Andrew Rocklage graduated from the highly reputable Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management. He is more than your average entrepreneur and attorney. Andrew Rocklage has created a name for himself in the communities of Boston, gradually climbing the ladder to success through hard work and determination.

From owning his own business, Rocklage has become knowledgeable about how to operate a business and provide the best customer service for building the right corporation. He has gained success by adopting and utilizing a strategy for his business. His strategy involved interviewing and hiring some of the most skillful individuals to join his team and connect with the customers at his Sky Zone Park location.

Customers enjoyed the friendly service that they received from the employees and as a result, customers raved about their experience. Discovering and developing incredible potential in his staff was Rocklage’s expertise.

Andrew Rocklage has also gathered a huge amount of experience as a corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Being apart of the industry of technology has given Rocklage more of a creative mindset. He was able to use what he learned in law school to incorporate into his business strategy. Therefore, it allowed him to become a huge threat in the business market.

Rocklage has witnessed many developments in his career that were captivating since graduating from both law school and business school. Because of that, it is expected that he will continue to pursue many other personal and professional challenges that may come his way.

Although Rocklage has continued his career ventures around the Boston area, his interests are more than likely to lead him to other areas. He is open to meeting new people and seeing new places along his journey. As a result, there are no restrictions where and when he will be able to create another business project in the future.