Sheldon Lavin uses acquisitions to take over European foods industry

OSI Industries is a top food production company in the world. It is the biggest private food company in the United States. It is also ranked among the biggest private companies by the Forbes. The company started its operation as a butcher shop in 1909. It grew into a wholesale business and later into a limited company. In 1928 it was given a family name and became known as Otto & Sons. It was later renamed OSI Industries in 1975. The company has expanded its operations to more locations around the world. It is currently in 17 countries and has opened up 65 plants which are used in the production of food supplied to various locations. Currently, OSI Food Industries is under the management of CEO Sheldon Lavin.

OSI Industries has managed to keep a clean record for the last one century. All its food products that are produced by this company have passed the test for quality and actually even able to expand to numerous locations around the world because of the commitment it has shown to giving the people the right foods. The company has built test kitchens which perform research on food products that they wish to introduce. OSI mainly deals with meat products which mainly include chicken pork and beef.

OSI Industries success has been as a result of the great work that has been done by CEO Sheldon Lavin assisted by President David McDonald. These two leaders have taken the company to the highest level in the food business. The company is growing rapidly and is offering the best services in the industry. Sheldon Lavin started working with this company in 1975 when he was brought in from banking industry where he was working as an executive. He came into the company and offered the much-needed assistance especially with the capitalization of the business. He also assisted in taking the company globally.

OSI industries have in recent times been expanding its business operations to numerous places across the world following the plans set out by Sheldon Lavin. The management has focused on global expansion. OSI Industries recently acquired some big companies in Europe. It acquired Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch food company which supplies food products to 14 different countries in Europe. The two acquisitions will see OSI Group take over the food industry in Europe. Other smaller acquisitions have taken place all over Europe. The company has also expanded the food production plant in Toledo, Spain, the plant is now producing double the amount of chicken products it used to produce.

Sahm Adrangi: Dissing Out Kodaks ICO Plan

Sahm Adrangi has been issuing warnings lately through his financial management company, Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is referring to the ICO project from Kodak, and he is advising their clients to stay away from the deal that he referred to as too good to be true. Kerrisdale Capital Management, established in 2008, released a series of statements claiming that the company is not connected or affiliated with the ICO project that Kodak is planning to release sometime this year. The ICO from Kodak will be named KodakCoin, and they are looking for potential investors who would be interested enough to fund the project. Sahm Adrangi does not have any problems with Kodak releasing a new ICO, but what concerns him is the persistent persuasion from Kodak to let his clients, and his company invests in the ICO project.

However, upon further investigation, Sahm Adrangi found out that the ICO project from Kodak is a sham. He issued a warning to all of his clients because he does not want anyone of them being taken advantage of, especially right now that ICO marketing is prevalent. He warned all of his clients to try staying away from the project and to focus on other investments instead. Sahm Adrangi also issued several claims that his company is in no way affiliated from the project by Kodak, and he added that any claims that the Kerrisdale Capital Management is in a partnership with Kodak are definitely a lie.

Sahm Adrangi advised the public to be cautious regarding these new schemes that are being introduced by some companies. He stated that these companies are taking advantage of the flight of the cryptocurrency industry and that they wanted to ride the bandwagon and experience their success. He also elaborated that the ICO project from Kodak could be able to attract so many people, and they could end up losing all of their money with the “fraudulent” project from Kodak. Sahm Adrangi also told the media that The Kodak ICO project is being headed by someone who is under the surveillance of the Canadian Stock Exchange because of previous fraudulent transactions and violations that he or she committed in the past.

The Business Experience of Ara Chackerian

When Ara Chackerian founded TMS Health Solutions, with business partner Brad Hummel, he envisioned the widespread use of transcranial magnetic stimulation. His company has built seven cutting-edge offices to date.

After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, Chackerian began investing in medical technology. He is currently a managing partner of the investment firm ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. In this position, Chackerian oversees investments granted to rising medical technology companies.

Before founding TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian helped to create a network of outpatient medical offices in Northern California. The offices, which provide diagnostic radiology treatment, led to Chackerian and Hummel’s next venture.

The two, following advice from an associate, began to investigate the technology behind transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. They were wildly impressed with the positive effects that transcranial magnetic therapy had on patients, and predicted the technology, along with medicine and talk therapy, would become a pillar of modern psychiatric treatment. Check out Medium to see more.

Ara Chackerian and Hummel set up a meeting with transcranial magnetic stimulation expert, Dr. Richard Bermudas. Dr. Bermudas had been attempting to implement transcranial magnetic stimulation as a form of therapy but had been met with a few problems.

Dr. Bermudas was a practicing clinician, and so he found it difficult to conduct a group practice. Additionally, because transcranial magnetic stimulation was a new technology, Dr. Bermudas was having trouble finding qualified technicians. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Dr. Bermudas had encountered another problem as well. Insurance companies often refused to cover the costs of transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment. This impeded Dr. Bermuda’s desire to spread the use of TMS therapy.

Chackerian decided they model of outpatient psychiatric care being used was outdated. With TMS Health Solutions, Chackerian is fixing the issues. His seven TMS Health Solutions offices provide extraordinary patient-focused care, in an environment that is both warm and relaxing.

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Paul Mampilly Says Bitcoin’s High Prices Are A Bubble

Paul Mampilly is a credible investment expert because he does a lot of research on stocks and picks the ones that are primed to do well in the near future. Of particular interest to him are cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin which he says he believes in because of its decentralized currency format. But he also says it should be a stock that his followers avoid because it rose up so high in 2017 that it’s now sitting on a bubble. Mampilly likened this bubble to what happened back in 2000 when investors had invested too much in internet-based companies too soon that it led to the dot-com crash and said that a similar thing was taking place now. Mampilly said investors should consider an alternative cryptocurrency investment that isn’t as well-known but is in circulation right now, and he explains what it is in his “Profits Unlimited” newsletter.

Paul Mampilly gained his knowledge of investing from over 10 years in banking and several more as a hedge fund manager. He came to the US over 30 years ago from the UAE, though he’s originally from India and in 1991 he graduated with a bachelor’s in finance from Montclair State University. His banking career began as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank and saw him rise to advisory positions at ING, Banker’s Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland and a large private Swiss bank. After leaving banking, Mampilly became a consultant at Capuchin Consulting in 2003, but then he moved to Wall Street as a Managing Director for Kinetics International Fund, one of the highest ranked hedge funds in Barron’s magazine. Paul Mampilly helped clients make over 40% in investment returns and helped the firm raise their portfolio to $25 billion in AUM.

Outside of his professional office Paul Mampilly invested on his own and made big gains when he purchased Facebook and Netflix stocks and sold them after making more than 300%. He also won the Templeton investment competition in 2009 when he invested $50 million during the recession and made a 76% gain on it. In 2016, Mampilly decided to change things and dedicated his work to helping middle class investors, and Banyan Hill was who he wanted to write for because they vet their authors to make sure investment information is authentic. He gained a large following within a month as people took the advice he gave them at “Profits Unlimited” and wrote reviews stating it really worked.

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Jose Henrique Borghi; The Best you can get in Commercial Advertisements

Marketing and advertising is a crucial business characteristic for businesses and entrepreneurs. This is because through ads, a company can reach larger audiences for its products and services. For this reason, when one wants to conduct an advertisement, they expert help from experienced campaign managers is necessary.

There are several guidelines to check before hiring an ad agency. First, the ad company must show evidence of delivery. One can inquire from the advertisement consultants on some of the strategies and techniques incorporated to promote their clientele’s businesses and products. After this, one can select the ones more suited for their needs. Secondly, you need to inquire about how frequent the ad firm will be updating your business on the progress of the campaigns so that you can make informed decisions based on the specifics received.

One of the top advertisement consultants in Brazil is Jose Henrique Borghi who owns and manages Mullen Lowe Brasil, a top ad Company in the country. Jose works as C0-CEO with his partner Andre Gomes. Mr. Borghi is a well-known figure in the advertising sector, famous for running some of the most innovative and influential promotional campaigns that took the Brazilian marketing industry by storm. One of such notable campaign ad includes Mammals of Parmalat that highlighted children singing unforgettable jingles dressed up like stuffed animals. Besides Jose, Mullen Lowe Brasil is characterized with an expert team of professionals who work diligently to ensure their satisfying their client’s objectives.

Jose’s Career was predetermined early at a tender age when he was still a high school student after he attended a show at Castro Neves Theater. This show displayed commercials prepared by Cannes Worldwide Festival of Imagination where the victors were awarded golden lion awards. After the show, Borghi was inspired and passionate about commercial advertising. He furthered his studies at PUC-Campinas and afterward started his career at Ogilvy group working as an ad agent. Jose Henrique Borghi on YouTube.

Jose and Mullen Lowe Agency has worked with many innovators and corporations across the globe and comes highly recommended in the commercial ads market.

Adam Milstein: A Philanthropist And A Renowned Real Estate Expert

An Israeli philanthropist and real estate investor, Adam Milstein, is working in Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. In 2000, he with his wife founded the Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation. In 1949, his mother migrated to Israel from Mexico, when she was 18 years old.


In 1978, Milstein graduated with a BS in economics and business. During his higher education, he united with his father and helped him to expand their family business of real estate development and construction business.


In 1974, he married with Gila Elgrably in Haifa. And in 1981, Milstein family went back to their motherland, the United States. Here he completed his MBA from the University of Southern California. And then he started his career as real estate broker.


After joining Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner, he began to look for the financing, accounting, and disposition of the firm. Hager specializes in rehabilitating, acquiring and repositioning retail, office, industrial and multi-family properties.


This week, Milstein officially listed in 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders, as part of a list of leading social entrepreneurs and philanthropists on social media, by Richtopia, A London-based publication, in coordination with Rise, a social media ranking system.



Milstein rank No. 187 on that list and that based on his Facebook and Twitter accounts’ inspiration in the philanthropic world. Milstein is the Chairman and co-founder of Israeli-American Council (IAC), and a leader in different other prominent Jewish organizations, including Hasbara Fellowships, the Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, and AIPAC.



This list also contains politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and numerous other highly dominant philanthropic public figures such as Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, and much more.



Adam Milstein said that his philanthropic work is the most gratifying and important part of his life, and he is honored to count amongst other leaders in this field. He said that his wife assisted him and especially the team of IAC along with other organizations that they partnered with to make a difference.