Aloha Construction Received the BBB Torch Award

Aloha Construction is a reputable construction company in Lake Zurich that is dedicated to providing reliable services to all residents in Illinois. The company has been growing to become leading in the construction industry since it has an experience of over 10 years. Within that one-decade Aloha Construction has been able to complete more than 7,000 projects and in the right manner. The company has been able to receive the Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. This is an award that is given to companies that have been able to show ethical practices in the entire year.

It was in order to represent Aloha Construction with this award since its services to its community show an outstanding contribution. The services are of a top standard that aligns with the demands of the customers. The staff members from this construction company are highly skilled and specialized in various sectors of construction so that they can maintain high-quality services. There is inspectors, administrative staff, installers, field specialist that comprise the entire team of Aloha Construction. They all have the experience in their area of expertise hence when it comes to providing services to their customers it becomes an easy task.

Therefore, it was this commitment and hard work demonstrated by the entire team that leads the BBB Torch Award to be received by Aloha Construction. In most cases, the company has prioritized the needs of the clients since it understands the significance of providing exceptional services to them. It should be noted that the Aloha Company has not only offered quality services to customers but also it ensures that the employees are comfortable in serving in that firm. In this regard, it has fair salaries, and other allowances that are crucial to employees and that is another reason as to why Aloha had to win the BBB Torch Award.

The company plays a significant role in giving back to the community majorly in Illinois. It supports various organizations and clubs such as athletes, Bloomington Boys’ and Girls’ club through sponsorship programs. Therefore, it is appropriate to recommend and attest that Aloha Construction fits the award that was offered due to its achievements and contributions to the community.

Fortress Investment Group: Standing As A Well Known Name In The Investment And Asset Management Industry

Ever since the company first started offering its services to clients all over America, Fortress Investment Group has blossomed into a company that stands as one of the leading of its kind. The company has always taken the path that is somewhat unconventional to be able to reach their goals and set themselves apart. By being different and taking a different approach to investment management, the company has been able to create a standard of its own that other companies are now starting to follow.

One of the more defining changes that Fortress Investment Group brought to the industry was an endeavor that they decided to take on in 2007. During this time, the leaders of the company wanted to do something that would take the company to the next level, and which would help them improve the services that they provided. The route that they decided to take was to appear on the New York Stock Exchange, which was not something that investment companies are known to do. Before the company appearing on the New York Stock Exchange, no other investment company had done the same. This was something that was relatively unheard of when it comes to the field that Fortress Investment Group operates in, but the company leaders knew that it was something that would set them apart.

Ever since then, Fortress Investment Group has indeed emerged as a trendsetter that sets the pace for other companies to follow. The company has taken new ventures to be able to consistently improve the services that they provide, which is something that has helped them transition into a global name. The company has its main office in New York but has offices of the company in other locations. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

The professionals working at the company are one of the bigger reasons why the company has witnessed such an incredible amount of success. The company takes a great amount of care to ensure that the employees working with them and representing them are skilled and proficient at what they do. The professionals working at the company know the finer aspects of the investment field, and are also aware of the potential developments that they can help clients with. Offering personalized services is also something that Fortress Investment Group tries to offer the clients coming to them. The company knows that not all of its clients would have the same goals when they come to them, which is why offering a service that caters specifically to their individual needs and the goals that they set up. Through this, the company has managed to indeed set themselves apart as a company in the investment and asset management industry. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

Currently, the company is being led by Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, who were the founders of the company. The two have been able to guide the company in a direction that is incredibly positive and benefits them in the long run. Through their expertise, they have been able to guide the company, leading it to a path of success. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Has Talk Fusion Changed The Way We do Business

There has been a lot of talk since 2007 about the Talk Fusion app and how it has gone a long way to help business be more successful and helping businesses connect more with their customers on a regular basis. There have been a number of additions over the years that have made Talk Fusion one of the most sought out apps on the market today. Over the years, the app has had a number of features that have been added to it to help a business communicate better. Now in over 140 countries, the most recent addition to Talk Fusion has been the feature of video chat.

Unlike a lot of other competitive apps on the market, the use of Talk Fusion can be accomplished regardless of the OS that you are running. As long as you have iOS7 or higher or Android 4.4.3, you will be able to use this app without any serious issues.

Video Email is one of the apps big features and many businesses are able to benefit from this as they can send a video email to a client and add a bit of personality to something that does not normally can be boring. This adds a better chance to connect with your client and as such will generate a better chance of gaining a new client or keeping an existing one.

Talk Fusion has for a long time been a leader in communications for clients and businesses to stay in contact with each other. The company was founded by Bob Reina in 2007 and has been making innovations in customer communications ever since. One of the advancements that Talk Fusion has made is the first ever instant pay compensation plan. This is something that no other company has done or even thought about doing.
Over the next few months, there will be a bunch of additional features that will be added to the app to help and make it a lot more user-friendly and put it in position to take over the number one spot as the most downloaded app for the up and coming business professional.
With operations in more than 140 countries including the United States, the U.K, Australia and Spain to name a few, it is no wonder how this company in 11 short years has become a leader in helping those in business to get a leg up and conquer the marketing world. Learn more:

Robert Deignan: From Athlete to CEO

Robert Deignan started his life in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After high school he headed to Purdue University where he received a full scholarship for football. He graduated from Purdue with a degree in Organizational Leadership in 1995. For a short time after this Robert continued to pursue football, playing briefly for the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets from 1997-1998.

Just three years after leaving school Robert founded his first company Fanlink. After spending three years with Fanlink, Robert became the executive vice president of iS3, a software company that provides services for a wide range of digital needs. At iS3 Deignan was able to us his knowledge in business, pursue his passion for technology, and expand his experience in both areas. Robert’s time with Fanlink and iS3 prepared him for co-founding his current company ATS.

Deignan started ATS Digital Services in August of 2011 and is the company’s CEO. Robert’s technological knowledge, business experience and outstanding work ethic are key aspects of ATS. Duignan’s goal in starting ATS was to create a company that would provide expert technological support and outstanding customer service for all their customer’s technological issues. ATS services cover everything from cellular repairs to installation and set up of smart technology–basically if you’ve got a technology problem, ATS can solve it.

The inspiration for ATS came to Deignan in 2009 when he was working on a project with anti-malware software. Users of the anti-malware software were being unable to install the product because malware was blocking the installation. Robert worked with customers and technical support agents to create a solution to the problem, allowing clients to successfully install and use the anti-malware software. This experience prompted Deignan to create a company that could solve similar technological problems through focus on both technological expertise and customer service.

Robert is passionate about ATS and its mission, but he hasn’t left athletics completely behind. He enjoys competing in offshore fishing tournaments near Fort Lauderdale, where he lives with his wife and son, and always starts his day with an hour or so of exercise.

Chenevert Knows What it Takes

It takes time, vision and provision of service to get to the highest level of professionalism and confidence, no matter what field of industry one chooses to commit. For anyone whose ultimate goal is to not only head a major corporation but pioneer new inventions to advance mankind, the history of Louis R. Chenevert should be inspirational. His list of professional positions include Chairman, CEO, President, COO and Director for United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Pratt and Whitney is another company on the list of places he has served as President. General Motors has him to thank for more than 14 years of effort as it’s Production General Manager. His experience can easily be described as well-rounded, with time spent with Goldman Sachs Banking Division before his executive positions with UTC. And then, there are the number of other associations with organizations under his belt that warrant mention, such as the Business Council, the US India CEO Forum and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

Of course, there are many others to name, and each one acts as an institution its own right. Before all of his professional success as a businessman, Chenevert knows what it means to perform as a student. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from Universite de Montreal (HEC). This is in addition to an Honorary Doctorate from University of Montreal. He has a history of being Chairman for the HEC’s International Advisory Board as well as founding director and Chairman for the Board of Directors to the Friends of HEC.

But, it is not just his resume that should inspire others to reach the sames heights. Really, Chenevert’s down to earth mode of operation deserves a fair share of the spotlight. For example, he admits that there is whole team of professionals to thank for making UTC what it is. He is also proud to acknowledge that the very same principles and actions are to thank for the production of advancements that have forever changed the field of aerospace. He finds that the best way to achieve product goals is by staying focused within smaller teams and checking the quality of service and product rendered through rigorous review.

Shervin Pishevar Tweets for the Ages

According to a recent succession of tweets released by Shervin Pishevar – the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital, the traditional framework of financial institutions is on the verge of complete collapse. This was just one of the bombshells that Shervin Pishevar dropped on the Twitter universe, when, breaking a short sabbatical from the public eye, he went on a “tweetstorm,” covering a wide array of issues soon to be facing the United States. The tweetstorm lasted for 24 hours and spanned 50 posts, some of which painted a picture of an America undergoing a number of dire changes.

Shervin Pishevar’s take on the stock market shocked a number of his onlookers, particularly with the support that it has received from several prominent figures in recent months – Donald Trump being at the forefront. After reversing many of its gains from the early part of the year, the stock market has been on a downward slope, due in part to a dearth of quality treasury auctions, and billion dollar exits. In his estimation, the stock market will soon experience losses that will exceed 5000 points. After making this prediction during the tweetstorm, as if on cue, the Dow Jones suffered losses of more than 1000 points over the course of a single cycle, which created panic throughout all sectors. With the United States possibly facing a devastating outlook for the near future regarding the stock market, the introduction of stateless digital currencies may do more to usher in a new era of banking and government. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, which he predicts will begin a steady rise over the next twenty-four months, will have a major role in the dismantling of the current financial and governing institutions. Many investors have been decidedly split regarding the future of Bitcoin, as it has seen both incredible gains and incredible losses over a very short period of time. Shervin Pishevar stands by his belief that the United States government is stuck in a close-minded thought process, which has been reflected in the lack of effort being placed on American infrastructure.

How Ronald Fowlkes Has Served The Public During His Career

While growing up Ronald Fowlkes (also known as Ronnie) knew he wanted to be a Marine one day. He was finally able to join in 1989 and he served until 1993. He was a very diligent Marine and he was twice promoted. He served in the Gulf War and was stationed in Iraq. During the war he was a Department of Defense Contractor. He worked with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JEIDDO) where he would go into combat zones and mount and dismount infantry operations. During his time in the military Ronald Fowlkes attended the U.S. Army Parachute School, the Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company, and other training opportunities. He also completed the Naval Special Warfare Foundation combat diver school which is seven-weeks long and said to be intensely grueling.

After leaving the Marine Corps he found employment with the St Louis County Police Department. He served in this department for three years before working for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for a decade. He now works for Eagle Industries Unlimited (ATK) as their business development manager. His company sells tactical gear to both law enforcement and regular consumers. Ronald Fowlkes says that his company’s products are modern, efficient, powerful, and durable. His job entails managing their sales department which as more than 150 sales professionals.

Ronald Fowlkes is now an instructor for the US Military who teaches such things as hostage rescue, evidence collection, and tactical operations, post-blast analysis, and more. He was chosen to do this because of his background in the military and police forces. While he was serving as a police officer he spent seven years on St. Loius’ Human Rescue Team (HRT). He was eventually named as the leader of this team and was selected to teach such things as tactical rifle use, defense tactics, and SWAT and URBAN warfare tactics.

While he was a police offer in the HRT the team Ronald Fowlkes was on was involved in 250 high-risk entries. These were all hostage situation and many of them featured subjects who had barricaded themselves. He was also tasked with investing crimes in violent neighborhoods in St. Louis. The cases he investigated during this time involved drug trafficking, unlawful gun possession, gang activity, and similar cases.

When he’s not working Ronald Fowlkes can usually be found doing something hockey-related. He coaches one of his son’s hockey teams and avidly follows the NHL. He has a hockey-focused blog where he reports on this sport’s latest news. One of his stories is about Henrik Lundqvist who achieved something no other NHL goaltender has ever done. This feat was having 20 wins for 13 seasons straight in a row.


Sahm Adrangi: Dissing Out Kodaks ICO Plan

Sahm Adrangi has been issuing warnings lately through his financial management company, Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is referring to the ICO project from Kodak, and he is advising their clients to stay away from the deal that he referred to as too good to be true. Kerrisdale Capital Management, established in 2008, released a series of statements claiming that the company is not connected or affiliated with the ICO project that Kodak is planning to release sometime this year. The ICO from Kodak will be named KodakCoin, and they are looking for potential investors who would be interested enough to fund the project. Sahm Adrangi does not have any problems with Kodak releasing a new ICO, but what concerns him is the persistent persuasion from Kodak to let his clients, and his company invests in the ICO project.

However, upon further investigation, Sahm Adrangi found out that the ICO project from Kodak is a sham. He issued a warning to all of his clients because he does not want anyone of them being taken advantage of, especially right now that ICO marketing is prevalent. He warned all of his clients to try staying away from the project and to focus on other investments instead. Sahm Adrangi also issued several claims that his company is in no way affiliated from the project by Kodak, and he added that any claims that the Kerrisdale Capital Management is in a partnership with Kodak are definitely a lie.

Sahm Adrangi advised the public to be cautious regarding these new schemes that are being introduced by some companies. He stated that these companies are taking advantage of the flight of the cryptocurrency industry and that they wanted to ride the bandwagon and experience their success. He also elaborated that the ICO project from Kodak could be able to attract so many people, and they could end up losing all of their money with the “fraudulent” project from Kodak. Sahm Adrangi also told the media that The Kodak ICO project is being headed by someone who is under the surveillance of the Canadian Stock Exchange because of previous fraudulent transactions and violations that he or she committed in the past.

The Secrets of Waiakea Water’s Success

Bottled water has been the most popular consumer drink for a little over two decades now. Since there are several brands now, a current popular sales strategy with many water companies is to advertise it as unique (such as being vitamin-enhanced) and something that the population just can’t live without. What makes Waiakea stand out, however, is the fact that they’re Hawaiian-based. Much of the U.S. population is still sold on the idea that just because something’s from Hawaii that it’s very health beneficial. The other thing is that Waiakea water is actually filtered volcanic water. Their water is filtered from that running the 14,000 feet of Mauna Loa’s porous rock.

Waiakea was co-founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. He was just 22 at the time and was looking to reach young health- and environmentally-conscious people. He succeeded by advertising Waiakea as a sustainable product with original health benefits, and packaging that gives back to the water-starved Malawi communities. Emmons stated that one of the things that has made him stand out from the beginning is the fact that almost everyone else in the bottled water industry is at least in their fifties so he and the other younger beverage entrepreneurs have basically had to come together to be taken just as seriously.

Since 2012, Waiakea’s profits have grown to over 4000 percent with an average annual growth of 170 percent. Waiakea went from selling 2,304 to a whopping 122,400 cases by 2015. This was due largely to local distributors signing onto it very quickly and food industry giants, such as Whole Foods also re-selling it.

Emmons was a recipient of the 2018 Citizenship Awards by Specialty Food Magazine. He is a lifelong surfer and outdoorsmen who has a lifelong fascination with the workings of water. Aside from being volcanic, Waiakea water also contains several minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and electrolytes.,18.htm

Nathaniel Ru Opens Up About Sweetgreen’s Restaurant Success

There is a new sheriff in town, at least as far as the restaurant industry is concerned. Sweetgreen is the trending and healthy fast-food restaurant that is changing how people look at the industry.

Founded by a trio of Georgetown University graduates, Sweetgreen has swept the Northeast into a craze with their all-salad menu that is comprised of locally sourced, organic, and all natural ingredients.

Sweetgreen didn’t pop up overnight, however, so let’s learn a little bit about the path that co-CEO Nathaniel Ru took in order to bring his company to this level of success.

For Nathaniel Ru, the desire to create Sweetgreen came from a place of need. He and his compatriots, co-founders Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, were hard-working students who wanted something healthy to eat while they were on the go. Unfortunately, healthy fast-food isn’t a priority on any college campus in the nation. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

So, after meeting together in an entrepreneurship class they would begin the process that led to Sweetgreen. The trio would hone in on their concept, healthy focused fast food, and eventually tone it into what we see today.

A northeastern favorite, Sweetgreen has more than 40 locations around the country and Nathaniel Ru has a mind to spread even more. With that being said, Ru isn’t interested in becoming some sort of juggernaut. Instead, he wants to focus on a high-quality expansion that keeps the company focused on their core values.

Ru says of their work, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something. We want to feed more people better food.” This, Ru would go on to explain, is the Sweetgreen experience.

Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders knew early on that their success had to come small at first before they could go big. The big early test for their business was surviving when school was not in session.

The reason? They opened up the first Sweetgreen location in a college town. When lines were still out the door during winter break, Sweetgreen was pretty much guaranteed to be a success.

Nowadays, Nathaniel Ru is focused on maintaining his company’s culture without the need for excessive corporate regulation. Ru routinely shakes his head at the idea of becoming a big corporate machine.

Ru says, “We don’t believe in big corporate headquarters.” With a clear mission in mind and a successful track record at their backs, it looks like Sweetgreen might have some potential for serious expansion in the coming years. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues