Chenevert Knows What it Takes

It takes time, vision and provision of service to get to the highest level of professionalism and confidence, no matter what field of industry one chooses to commit. For anyone whose ultimate goal is to not only head a major corporation but pioneer new inventions to advance mankind, the history of Louis R. Chenevert should be inspirational. His list of professional positions include Chairman, CEO, President, COO and Director for United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Pratt and Whitney is another company on the list of places he has served as President. General Motors has him to thank for more than 14 years of effort as it’s Production General Manager. His experience can easily be described as well-rounded, with time spent with Goldman Sachs Banking Division before his executive positions with UTC. And then, there are the number of other associations with organizations under his belt that warrant mention, such as the Business Council, the US India CEO Forum and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

Of course, there are many others to name, and each one acts as an institution its own right. Before all of his professional success as a businessman, Chenevert knows what it means to perform as a student. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from Universite de Montreal (HEC). This is in addition to an Honorary Doctorate from University of Montreal. He has a history of being Chairman for the HEC’s International Advisory Board as well as founding director and Chairman for the Board of Directors to the Friends of HEC.

But, it is not just his resume that should inspire others to reach the sames heights. Really, Chenevert’s down to earth mode of operation deserves a fair share of the spotlight. For example, he admits that there is whole team of professionals to thank for making UTC what it is. He is also proud to acknowledge that the very same principles and actions are to thank for the production of advancements that have forever changed the field of aerospace. He finds that the best way to achieve product goals is by staying focused within smaller teams and checking the quality of service and product rendered through rigorous review.

Shervin Pishevar Tweets for the Ages

According to a recent succession of tweets released by Shervin Pishevar – the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital, the traditional framework of financial institutions is on the verge of complete collapse. This was just one of the bombshells that Shervin Pishevar dropped on the Twitter universe, when, breaking a short sabbatical from the public eye, he went on a “tweetstorm,” covering a wide array of issues soon to be facing the United States. The tweetstorm lasted for 24 hours and spanned 50 posts, some of which painted a picture of an America undergoing a number of dire changes.

Shervin Pishevar’s take on the stock market shocked a number of his onlookers, particularly with the support that it has received from several prominent figures in recent months – Donald Trump being at the forefront. After reversing many of its gains from the early part of the year, the stock market has been on a downward slope, due in part to a dearth of quality treasury auctions, and billion dollar exits. In his estimation, the stock market will soon experience losses that will exceed 5000 points. After making this prediction during the tweetstorm, as if on cue, the Dow Jones suffered losses of more than 1000 points over the course of a single cycle, which created panic throughout all sectors. With the United States possibly facing a devastating outlook for the near future regarding the stock market, the introduction of stateless digital currencies may do more to usher in a new era of banking and government. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, which he predicts will begin a steady rise over the next twenty-four months, will have a major role in the dismantling of the current financial and governing institutions. Many investors have been decidedly split regarding the future of Bitcoin, as it has seen both incredible gains and incredible losses over a very short period of time. Shervin Pishevar stands by his belief that the United States government is stuck in a close-minded thought process, which has been reflected in the lack of effort being placed on American infrastructure.

Sahm Adrangi: Dissing Out Kodaks ICO Plan

Sahm Adrangi has been issuing warnings lately through his financial management company, Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is referring to the ICO project from Kodak, and he is advising their clients to stay away from the deal that he referred to as too good to be true. Kerrisdale Capital Management, established in 2008, released a series of statements claiming that the company is not connected or affiliated with the ICO project that Kodak is planning to release sometime this year. The ICO from Kodak will be named KodakCoin, and they are looking for potential investors who would be interested enough to fund the project. Sahm Adrangi does not have any problems with Kodak releasing a new ICO, but what concerns him is the persistent persuasion from Kodak to let his clients, and his company invests in the ICO project.

However, upon further investigation, Sahm Adrangi found out that the ICO project from Kodak is a sham. He issued a warning to all of his clients because he does not want anyone of them being taken advantage of, especially right now that ICO marketing is prevalent. He warned all of his clients to try staying away from the project and to focus on other investments instead. Sahm Adrangi also issued several claims that his company is in no way affiliated from the project by Kodak, and he added that any claims that the Kerrisdale Capital Management is in a partnership with Kodak are definitely a lie.

Sahm Adrangi advised the public to be cautious regarding these new schemes that are being introduced by some companies. He stated that these companies are taking advantage of the flight of the cryptocurrency industry and that they wanted to ride the bandwagon and experience their success. He also elaborated that the ICO project from Kodak could be able to attract so many people, and they could end up losing all of their money with the “fraudulent” project from Kodak. Sahm Adrangi also told the media that The Kodak ICO project is being headed by someone who is under the surveillance of the Canadian Stock Exchange because of previous fraudulent transactions and violations that he or she committed in the past.

Daniel Taub

With the Middle East being as volatile as it and has been for generations, Daniel Taub had a lot on his plate as the Israeli International Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

This is a role that he did not take lightly and he put his best efforts in improving the relationship between Israel and England. Recently, he worked with young entrepreneurs from England to try to encourage connections between them and the Israeli ecosystem.

Daniel Taub worked with Google and Facebook with this effort and the three ran a contest where startups in their beginning stages of development could win training for their business in Israel.

Daniel Taub has even tried to bridge the gaps between religious groups by teaching Hebrew to other religious groups.

His curiosity drives him to keep making progress. Daniel Taub enjoys meeting the people he has during his career as an international diplomat and lawyer.

It’s very rewarding for him to be able to learn more about what these people are passionate about and he enjoys that they seem to really appreciate his curiosity and desire to know more about other cultures.

Daniel Taub was very concerned with the nuclear situation in Iran in recent years as he and many others believe they will have a nuclear arsenal very soon.

While the Geneva accord struck by the United Nations is supposed to prevent this from happening, Daniel Taub does not think it did enough to actually make a difference in the long run. He believes they could possess weapons-grade uranium despite being told they could only have uranium enriched to 3.5%.

When discussions were first taking place due to concerns over Iran’s desire for nuclear weaponry, the enrichment levels of the uranium they were allowed to possess was a huge sticking point for their neighboring countries and the United Nations. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

This point lessened in importance when Iran installed a large centrifuge that is used to enrich the uranium already in their possession. Daniel Taub insists that this piece of equipment should have been decommissioned as part of the deal struck, but it was not.

This means that Iran could potentially have weapons-grade uranium very easily and very soon just with this centrifuge making it so the loosened sanctions with the country were essentially pointless and the world is still at risk of a nuclear attack.

Many agree and are putting the responsibility on the United Nations if such an attack occurs.

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Jose Hawilla on the Makings of a Successful Businessman

Businessman Jose Hawilla has been serving on top of the company Traffic since he established the corporation in 1980. Born in Sao Paulo, Jose Hailla has always had an interest in finance and business. He later achieved his degree in the United States of America before heading into establishing his carer.

Jose Hawilla worked in the sports journalism for about a decade. He worked at a radio stated as well as a television reporter. Over the years in the field, Jose Hawilla also worked as a presenter, commentator, producer and in the meantime, he also had his studies in Law. After graduating, he moved on to establish his business.

Jose Hailla had three business partners and together they purchased Traffic. The business used to do advertising on bus stops, but after Jose Hailla and his business partners started leading it, the corporation headed into a more widespread advertising which included stadiums and billboards. The company is now among the leaders in its line of work. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

What makes business people s successful and gives them the ability to pursue their goal? According to Jose Hawilla, it is all about staying focused and not allowing yourself to be distracted by other aspects of the process. Establishing a business and getting there with just an idea is a very long road. In the meantime, people have to work in other avenues to put their goal on the backburner for some time.

Jose Hawilla advice to never lose sight of what you are truly pursuing in your life no matter if it’s a position of your own business. That also ties in with determination. Over the course of his career, Jose Hailla has had to do many other things before reaching his goal an that has discouraged him at times. Still, going forward pays off in the end and if you stay determined than you are bound to get there someday.

Jose Hailla always mentions the hard work that goes into establishing a business. He says that it is even harder to maintain and grow it and that process also requires focus and believing your vision.

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New Times Co-Founders Resent Arpaio Pardon

In October of 2017, President Donald Trump pardoned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Susan R. Bolton, U.S. District Judge validated the process, and Arpaio walked free. Many saw this event coming. Arpaio’s tenure as Sheriff contained much controversy, with many crying scandal across his 24-year rule. Two such people were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, co-founders of Phoenix New Times.

Both Lacey and Larkin became dogged pursuers of Arpaio during his tenure, relentlessly calling the sheriff on the carpet and exposing many scandals. Many have frowned upon Arpaio’s questionable treatment of the Latin community, especially in the field of illegal immigration, and the duo play vital parts in his fall from grace. Being outspoken as they are, both Lacey and Larkin had choice words to say about Arpaio’s pardon

Michael Lacey believes the pardon was an act of corruption. In a statement he marked the negative aspects of Arpaio’s six terms, communicating his displeasure with Arpaio, the system, and the president himself. A dropout from Arizona State University, Lacey became the executive editor of the Phoenix New Times in 1970. Read more:Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin |

The paper was a response to the conservative media that existed on campus, and their coverage of anti-war protests for Vietnam. Lacey and fellow students used the paper to print the other side of the story, to focus on the unrest and stand up for the 1st amendment.

The New Times has existed as an alternative news source ever since. Lacey would gain a business partner in Jim Larkin a few years later, and his inclusion would ultimately take the business to the next level.

Jim Larkin is also an ASU dropout. He joined the New Times in 1972. His knack for advertising helped the fledgling paper stay afloat, and his business sense eventually led to his position as CEO of the duo’s coast-to-coast chain of alternative papers.

Displeased with Arpaio’s pardon Larkin also made a statement calling the former Sheriff an antecedent to Trump. He went on to state that he had zero respect for the man in every category save his political insight, which allowed him to work the system to a full pardon.

Arpaio arrested and jailed Larkin and Lacey on October 18, 2007, following a story that revealed subpoenas targeting the writers and staff of the New Times were issued by a grand jury. The resounding public outcry from numerous supporters led to the subpoenas thrown out, and both Larkin and Lacey being released in 24 hrs.

The duo sued Maricopa County for wrongful arrest, leading to a $3.75 million dollar settlement, which they have since used to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund, founded in 2014, assists Latin groups throughout Arizona by distributing the settlement money from their case.

In the wake of the pardon, which they see as nothing but political maneuver, both Larkin and Lacey hope the decision will come back to haunt the president. Just like their fund continues to haunt Arpaio.

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Adam Milstein’s philanthropist efforts are certainly inspiring

Israeli-American philanthropist and real estate investor Adam Milstein is always actively giving back whenever he can. He has lived a long and prosperous life that enables him to help those who are less fortunate.

Here are some of the organizations that he has founded and what boards he sits on. Adam Milstein is mainly focused on strengthening the state of Israel, the Jewish people as a whole, and the relationship between the United States and Israel. Adam and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. They sponsor the education of young professionals and student to learn more about their country and all that entails. The real estate mogul is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. This Jewish organization is the fastest growing in America. Adam Milstein sits on a number of boards such as AIPAC National Council, Birthright Israel, The Jewish Funders Network, StandWithUs, SifriyatPijamaB’America, and so many more. There is no limit to what this philanthropist can do! He tries to incorporate philanthropy in his each day. That is what he finds to be a good way to end the day, helping others succeed. His services include fundraising, consulting, and partnership development.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952. He fought in the Yom Kippur War in the IDF. He attended Technion where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. During that time he got married to Gila his wife and then they moved to the United States in the sunny state of California. He went to the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business to get his Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. Adam Milstein found that the job offers he was getting were paying less than what an undergraduate would get, so he went his own way and became a commercial real estate broker. He currently works as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties in Southern California where he oversees the company’s deposition, financing, and property management. He lives in Encino, California with his wife Gila. Together they have three children and three grandchildren.

Louis Chenevert – An Incredible Success Story from the Corporate World

Louis Chenevert is a businessman of Canadian origin. He is the former CEO of UTC (United Technologies Corporation), which is a huge US-based multinational conglomerate that is focused on research, development, and manufacture of advanced technology products. Chenevert also worked for 14 years at GM in the role of the Production General Manager. In 1993, he joined the Pratt & Whitney Canada Company and became its president after only six years. The position of UTC’s chairman was attained by Chenevert in 2006 and he stepped down from this position in 2014.

A year later, he joined the Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division in the role of an Exclusive advisor. His position included targeting opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sector.
All of this showcases a rich and diverse career that Louis Chenevert managed to create for himself over the decades. Among his CV, the time as the CEO of UTC was especially important for his professional development. Here, Louis Chenevert managed to create a legacy based on high standards and some amazing feats that were accomplished during his management. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Here, the Goodrich acquisition stands out in particular – after a whole year spent in negotiations, he managed to complete a business deal worth an incredible $18.4 billion. Chenevert was also able to commit himself to special projects like GTF. This pet project of his led to an important advancement in the construction of jet engines. This, in turn, led to the UTC investment into high-quality tech domains that are still one of the strongest drivers of growth for the US economy. Louis Chenevert is proud of his role in this seminal process that allowed for new jobs and a more stable business model for his company.

At the same time, his commitment was not simply to the process of making a profit. Chenevert was a CEO that understood the need for creating environmentally friendly and greener designs of the company’s products. This is the reason why he was determined to make this one of the key selling points for all of their new products. These reduced the environmental footprint made by the company. Speaking in terms of numbers, this led to the fact that the emission of greenhouse gases was cut by 26%, while the factories and plants took down their water consumption by 53%. Under Chenevert, the company established an environmental standard that applied to all of its global facilities. Read more at Bloomberg.

The same occurred at Pratt & Whitney where Chenevert managed to support a process of innovations that led to higher productivity and more support to the US manufacturing jobs and the greater economy as well.

Finally, while investment into new tech is important, no business owner should ever forget that all good ideas come from the people working in the same company. This is why for UTC and Chenevert, supporting the employee’s ability to better them was always a key priority. Using the Employee Scholar Program, UTC has managed to allow over 39,000 of their employees to earn degrees since 1996.


The OSI Group Brings Attention to Sustainability in the Food Industry

There are many different food service companies in the food production industry, but none of them have been able to have as many products as what the OSI Group has. Not only does the OSI Group have a wide variety of food products but they also have the best practices for handling this food. They like to provide sustainable solutions to all their clients because they know what it takes to get a great deal on great food but they also know it is important to give people the peace of mind that comes with doing something ethical. The OSI Group is the best at what they do because of the things they have done for their clients.

Even their clients in places like China are benefitting from the positive influence they have had on the industry. With their new factory in China, they are able to make things easier on customers. They know what it will take to give them the best service possible so they can give them everything they want on their own. It has allowed them the chance to make things easier on themselves when they are working toward a positive influence on the industry.

The issues that other companies have with the food industry are not a problem for the OSI Group. They know what it will take to give people the right type of opportunity to try different things. They also know it will allow them the chance to move things into a more positive direction for all the clients they have. The OSI Group has come to love what they do for clients and that’s part of what has made their business the best it can be. Without these positive aspects of lives, the OSI Group would not have been able to grow their business in the way they have done things.

For the OSI Group to make things easier on people, they know they are going to need to continue to be sustainable. The sustainability efforts they have are better than what any other food company currently has, but they are not where they would like to be. The OSI Group wants to be the most sustainable company in the foodservice industry. While they are close to that point, they are still going to work so they can make sure they are offering the best service possible for the environment.

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The Catalyst: Mike Baur

Executive and entrepreneur Mike Baur has been extremely interested in the world of finance even as a young boy growing up in Freiburg Switzerland. At the tender age of 16, Mr. Baur would enter the banking industry.


Scholastic Career:

Bern University of Rochester – Business Degree


Mike Baur would begin absorbing knowledge via his apprenticeship as finance expert for the Union Bank of Switzerland before moving on to various financial institutions and finally launching his own venture.


In 2014 he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Prior to the Swiss Startup Factory, Mr. Baur was an apprentice at UBS where he was promoted to the highest levels of management. In 2008 he went on to work at the prestigious private banking institution Clariden Leu.


Don’t Think It’s Over

Launched in 2014 Think Reload serves as a personalized hub for entrepreneurs. Focused on wealthy entrepreneurs who can invest in unique opportunities Think Reloaded serves in the capacity of a trusted advisor.


Swiss Startup Factory: Why was this company created?

The motivation for the Swiss Startup Factory was born from Mike Baur’s own two-decade experience and wisdom in the banking industry. The challenges and frustrations Mr. Baur faced as a young investor led him to formulate a boot camp environment focused on elevating startups based in Switzerland. He was invited to participate in the University of St. Gallen’s start-up competition. He sat on as a juror on the START Summitter.


What is START Summitter?

A contest that consists of 30 entrepreneurs. To qualify the firms requesting entry must fall under the $1 million dollar mark for funding. All eligible contestants are each given the opportunity to address the crowd. They are given the floor and allowed to speak about their products, services, business models, and pitches. They are judged by experts from all areas of finance with those startups showing the most potential getting offers from potential investors. Mr. Baur has created a well known and respected think tank.


Mike Baur’s 2016 Power Moves:

January 2016 Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest

February 2016 Launched program with Goldback Group focused on growth

February 2016 Launched partnership with Fintech Fusion

December 2016 Mike Baur’s career and track record in the financial sector get detailed in the Wall Street Journal

July 2016 SSUF Launched partnership with BV4


Leaving The World Of Banking For The World Of Tech

Why would Mike Baur abandon the world of banking for the world of startups with a focus on tech?

After working for financial services companies like UBS and Clariden Leu Mr. Baur was ready to move on. His desire had shifted into the tech industry and in particular helping new entrepreneurs in launching their brands.


What Does The Swiss Startup Factory Do?

* 3 Month Membership

* Mentoring

* Training Programs

* Funding (qualified startups)

* Provide Offices

* Knowledge of Global Market Products and/or Services

* Network with Entrepreneurs and Tech Professionals In The Industry

* Lectures and talks with Investors in the Field of Funding


I think the most important thing about being an entrepreneur is being passionate about what you do. – Mike Baur