Clay Siegall’s Quest To Redefine Cancer Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is a rare person in today’s quest to create cancer curing treatments. Clay is driven to help people who are suffering from cancer. Dr. Siegall began his career more than twenty years ago after graduating from George Washington University with a PhD in Genetics. Even then as a new graduate, Clay knew he wanted to help patients defeat cancer so Clay took a position as a Cancer researcher for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. From this start, Clay moved up in positions and experience as a Principle Scientist, Staff Fellow, and Biotechnology Fellow before starting Seattle Genetics in 1998.

Seattle Genetics is the culmination of hard work, determination, and cutting edge science. At Seattle Genetics all staff members have Clay’s drive to provide better treatments for cancer sufferers. And that hard work is paying off. Seattle Genetics has developed the first antibody drug conjugate (ADC), ADCETRIS, which is now available in over 60 countries worldwide. ADCETRIS targets cancer specific cells, thereby increasing effectiveness and decreasing damage to healthy cells. It was with Clay’s guidance the the team at Seattle Genetics was able to bring about such a breakthrough in cancer treatment.

Of course, one of Clays main responsibilities is to make sure Seattle Genetics stays funded to keep making important medical breakthroughs in cancer treatment. To date Clay has raised over $1.2 billion dollars in public and private funding and has shown excellent leadership skills helping Seattle Genetics maintain a healthy bottom line. To learn more about Dr. Siegall and the cutting edge work his team is developing, please click here.