Senior Notes Issuance Prompt Groundbreaking Profits

NexBank is a leading company offering financial solutions through specialized services. It is based in Texas and is globally renowned for their commitment to providing top of the range financial services to their broad client base.

NexBank has a portfolio of specialized services which they offer through Institutional services, Mortgage, and Commercial banking. It boasts of four branches that house the best employees the financial industry has to offer.

NexBank Capital recently announced a 71% rise in their assets from their previous fiscal year. Owing to the company’s prolific success, investors have continued to place their trust in NexBank and its innovative financial strategies. This resulted in the successful culmination of the private issuance of its superior unsecured notes.

Notably, NexBank reinstated the oversubscribed notes prior offer price, and this ultimately led to an 80 million dollar increase which adds up the issuance to a record breaking 150 million dollars. The company announced that the notes will mature in March 2016 and can be redeemed five years after maturity.

Kroll Bond Agency projected a stable scope of the financial industry and to this effect, gave the incentive a BBB rating. The notes would initially hold a 5.5% flat rate for the first five years and later alternate depending on LIBOR points in a period of 3 months.

NexBank stated that the profits from the oversubscribed notes offering would be used to settle their debts and also finance the day to day operations of the company. The closing has led the company to acquire over 200 million dollars which would be used to set off the implementation of the company’s expansion plans.

NexBank continues to excel under the leadership of its chief executive officer John Holt. Mr. Holt praised their success and attributed it to their versatile techniques and the closing evident of their unwavering commitment to their investors who give them repeat business.