Meal Prep for Power Players: Top 3 Meal Delivery Services for Athletes


In a time when more people than ever before are taking control of their health. it’s safe to say gym culture has burst into the mainstream, with no signs of slowing down. Companies around the globe are taking notice and beginning to cater to the needs of the casual gym-goer and the hardcore athlete alike, with meal delivery services on the frontier of the healthy living push. The question is, how do you know which services are worth your subscription? We break down the top 3 meal delivery services most trusted by athletes.


ThriveFoods Direct


Founded by an Ironman competitor, ThriveFoods Direct can be said to be a meal delivery service for athletes, by athletes. The service comes with the endorsement of such diverse athletes as UFC fighters, renowned triathletes, and even NFL players. ThriveFoods avoids the use of animal products of any kind, and further reduces their environmental impact by insulating their boxes with biodegradable material. This is an attractive option for anyone who likes their performance with a side of consciousness. ThriveFoods ramps up the convenience aspect of prepared meals as well, offering a plethora of delivery options (stuck in a hotel for business? ThriveFoods will ship your meals to the establishment).


Trifecta Nutrition


Sleekly packaged and highly customizable while adhering to a set range of options, Trifecta Nutrition may be the ultimate in minimalist eating. Meals arrive fully cooked and ready to consume. There truly is something for every diet here: omnivores will find themselves satisfied with the standard selection, while vegetarians, vegans, and paleo fanatics will not be left wanting. Two things you won’t find on the menu: dairy and gluten. While many athletes happily consume both, the two ingredients are also frequent culprits for gut issues, so Trifecta Nutrition is a good choice for those with food sensitivities.




Nutrisystem is a household name at this point; whether you’ve seen their commercials or simply know someone who shed excess weight with the popular meal-delivery service, you’ve almost certainly heard the name before. The recent explosion of subscription meal delivery services could have left lesser competitors in the dust, but Nutrisystem is holding their own with one key factor: taste. Athletes want food that is convenient as well as nourishing, and while many services perform that balancing act, Nutrisystem does it while offering classic favorites like pancakes and string cheese. What won’t you find? Any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners — no high fructose corn syrup, either. The service also provides a plan specifically for diabetics, ensuring that athletes can benefit without compromising their health.  For a complete breakdown of Nutrisystem cost: