Newswatch TV: Helping others get ahead in he business world.

Getting ahead in the business world these days can be very difficult. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Using every resource that a person has will determine failure or success. This includes companies that can be utilized to promote and market products. This type of asset has been shown to work wonders and there are many of them that help cultivate success. One company that is especially good at helping other companies promote and advertise their products is Newswatch TV.


Newswatch tv is company that specializes in marketing and promoting other companies’ products. The company was created in 1990 and was first a show centered around financial dealings. In no time at all they decided to start doing tech reviews and quickly became successful at it. The show contains editorial and paid segments that are all directed to promote products. The show has three hosts Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges and Michelle Ison. Newswatch has received positive critical reception and several awards such as the Telly and Marcom awards.


Many companies have teamed up with Newswatch over the years like Saygus. A company that manufactures cellphones. They hired Newswatch to make reviews for their new cellular device and air them on tv. Newswatch is broadcasted on national tv and so the review was seen on nationwide. In recent years Newswatch has created online venues and the review was displayed here as well. Newswatch was so dedicated to doing a good job that they traveled to Barcelona to make and film review segments at the Mobile World Congress.

The result of Newswatches work was impeccable. Saygus and its Indiegogo campaign exceeded their targeted amount by a lot. They raised over 1.3 million dollars and pasted their goal by astounding 300,000 dollars. The review done by Newswatch tv did its job and promoted the product to a high amount of success. Saygus is now further ahead in the world of business.



One Login, Onward and Upward

Lauded by countless businesses for making the process of self-management as simplistic as possible, OneLogin has had a very eventful 2017 withh many new and interesting developments to both corporate and consumer relations as well as product and service improvements while ensuring their employees are treated with the same respect and diligence as their customers, all of which will have a great impact on the direction the company takes in the future.

One of Onelogin’s most drastic changes of 2017 is the appointment of a new CEO, Brad Brooks, bringing 25 years of experience that more than qualifies him for the position. Onelogin’s diligence and passion for its workforce has been exemplified by ranking in the top 10 of Fortunes Magazine’s Best Small Workplaces in the Bay Area, the fourth award Onelogin has won in the past 2 years. Onelogin has continued to garner new customers, one of the most prevalent being the aeronautics and space manufacturer Airbus who is undergoing a major overhaul of its digital information technologies.

Onelogin has also garnered peak customer satisfaction and advocacy, releasing 14 new customer stories from organizations invested in the various industries that Onelogin provides service for. On the product side, Onelogin has introduced a multi-factor authentication system called Adaptive Authentication, which is summarized as “ In short, Adaptive Auth uses machine learning to review login details like the time of login, geographic location, browser, device, and network reputation to determine how secure a login attempt is. If a login attempt seems suspicious, the system will automatically prompt the user with an MFA request before she can proceed.”

Onelogin has also added machine learning to its Portal in order to make access to apps more efficient than ever to customers. With so many organizations relying on the cloud system, Onelogin has made it top priority that any on-prem apps customers rely on by combining the Onelogin Cloud Directory with the full suite of Cloud IAM features all fully accessible from the Portal at once.

Onelogin has seen a very promising year, growing and improving in every aspect and one can only hope that 2018 will bring more fruits of labor that only serve to benefit all involved.

Getting To Know More about ClassDojo

ClassDojo has a way of making classrooms get happier through behavior monitoring. The digital management platform was founded in 2015 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. It’s meant for teachers, parents as well as students. The company has risen to have over 3.5 million users and it mainly helps teachers improve their student’s behavior as well as improve communication with parents.

How it works

ClassDojo produces feedback through the use of the web and mobile applications where a software is used to generate behavior reports and share them with parents as well as the students. Some of the behaviors tracked include teamwork, creativity, curiosity, persistence and hard work. ClassDojo works on two main fundamental principles which are constant positive reinforcement to boost behavior and connection of the three parties involved so as to support and develop students first before they are given academic content.

Advantages of ClassDojo

ClassDojo is known to foster the feedback loop between parents, teachers, and students by providing a quick and easy way for the teachers to identify behavior changes among their students. It offers teachers ample instruction time since the time spent on changing bad behavior is significantly reduced. Further, ClassDojo encourages a social method of emotional learning by creating a positive classroom culture.

Recognitions and Concerns over ClassDojo

The platform has so far received several recognitions with one of them being its listing on the 100 Most Promising Companies in the USA by Forbes as well as Education Innovation Award on Today Show in 2011. Despite their several achievements, there have been concerns from parents over how sharing of behavior information to an entire classroom may impact sensitive kids. Further, their privacy policies may contain legal information which not every user may understand. Despite these shortcomings, it remains interesting to see how the platform will continue impacting on the behavior of students.

Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Contributes To A Rebranded HuffPost

The Huffington Post rebranded itself, becoming HuffPost, which is what the news website’s loyal readers already called it. Bob Reina has already published two more marketing-related articles on HuffPost. As the CEO of Talk Fusion, Reina is an expert in video marketing his company develops the most effective products for incorporating video into marketing strategies. His latest article, How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters, encourages people to regain the persistence that had as a child. According to Reina, Talk Fusion’s independent representatives need persistence to succeed. Reina’s previous article, Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience, is a must-read for novice marketers or entrepreneurs who cannot connect with their desired demographic. Reina promised that he will contribute additional articles to HuffPost.


Using a person-to-person approach, Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution is promoted by direct selling to businesses and organizations that want to gain their target audience’s attention using Talk Fusion’s Video Chat, Live Meetings, Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Sign-up Forms. What makes Talk Fusion unique is that their video marketing solutions display perfectly on any high-speed internet-capable device.


In March 2017, Talk Fusion redesigned their website to highlight their all-in-one Video Marketing Solution’s features with interactive displays, animated videos and more. CEO Bob Reina explained, “This is who we are, this is what we do, this is why we are unmatched in our industry, and—most importantly—this is why you need us.” His HuffPost articles explain how effective video marketing in reaching consumers today. With Talk Fusion’s 30-day free trial, business and charities of all sizes can see how effortless it is to use video to reach consumers and donors.