Getting To Know More about ClassDojo

ClassDojo has a way of making classrooms get happier through behavior monitoring. The digital management platform was founded in 2015 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. It’s meant for teachers, parents as well as students. The company has risen to have over 3.5 million users and it mainly helps teachers improve their student’s behavior as well as improve communication with parents.

How it works

ClassDojo produces feedback through the use of the web and mobile applications where a software is used to generate behavior reports and share them with parents as well as the students. Some of the behaviors tracked include teamwork, creativity, curiosity, persistence and hard work. ClassDojo works on two main fundamental principles which are constant positive reinforcement to boost behavior and connection of the three parties involved so as to support and develop students first before they are given academic content.

Advantages of ClassDojo

ClassDojo is known to foster the feedback loop between parents, teachers, and students by providing a quick and easy way for the teachers to identify behavior changes among their students. It offers teachers ample instruction time since the time spent on changing bad behavior is significantly reduced. Further, ClassDojo encourages a social method of emotional learning by creating a positive classroom culture.

Recognitions and Concerns over ClassDojo

The platform has so far received several recognitions with one of them being its listing on the 100 Most Promising Companies in the USA by Forbes as well as Education Innovation Award on Today Show in 2011. Despite their several achievements, there have been concerns from parents over how sharing of behavior information to an entire classroom may impact sensitive kids. Further, their privacy policies may contain legal information which not every user may understand. Despite these shortcomings, it remains interesting to see how the platform will continue impacting on the behavior of students.

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