Agora Financial goes where no other publications dare

Agora Financial is a publication company offering independent and unbiased economic commentary to help readers protect and grow their wealth. Financial publications are easier to obtain with Agora Financial. Starting as just three financial publications that joined arms in 2004, their now 20 publications range in topics from income growth secrets, wealth protection strategies and finding companies with foreseeable rapid growth. Agora Financial analysts go live traveling the world in search of new ideas. They showcase viability to readers and give insight into new investment trends that have not yet hit mainstream. Agora Financial is known for their bold correct predictions, beating other advisors to the punch with their “irreverent, insightful commentary where others fear to tread.” Agora Financial predicted the rise of gold in 1999, mortgage crisis four years prior to burst in 2008 and the super spike in oil prices a year prior to hit in 2007.

Agora Financial recently compared Bitcoin to the new Bitcoin Cash and IOTA companies, even advised on bond trades. As the largest cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin is largely decentralized and less prone to being overpowered. Choices in Bitcoin are made through community polling rather than a small group of individuals in power. In contrast, the new Bitcoin Cash has a CEO and small group of people carrying over half the power. Bitcoin Cash will also not receive any upgrades within the Bitcoin network. Compared to IOTA though, IOTA runs on a tangle system all its own and with no fees. Investors should stay with Bitcoin over Bitcoin Cash. If IOTA outperforms Bitcoin though, IOTA will be the new contender. Last month in an interview, Alan Knuckman with Agora Financial, spoke of forthcoming treasury bond trades advising bond rates have bottomed and should be relaxing soon.

Agora Financial have even published top ways to invest into the future. Even though investors use professionals to handle analyzing and research, knowledge of basics in investing is important in understanding the truth in the money. Investors should set long-term goals, prioritize and develop short-term goals. They should study long-term and short-term investments, as each option is not for everyone and overall have a life plan. Investors need to search for opportunities and find bargains in volatile periods. Remember, more time spent researching the more investors could expect in returns and Agora Financial is a great resource.