Aging gracefully with Dr. Johanan Rand

Dr. Johanan Rand is a specialist who runs his own bioidentical hormone replacement practice. He started this practice because he had a deep desire to assist his patients who have healthy aging issues. Most of his patients usually come to him complaining of healthy aging issues such as vaginal dryness, hot flushes, menopause symptoms, weight gain among others. He went through an intensive training at Albert Einstein Medical Center that is located in New York. This is where he gained much of his training and skills.

He uses both his training and his experience in the field to provide relief to his patients. He uses an approach of regenerative medicine to give his patients options as they benefit from integrative care. According to Dr. Johanan everyone has some good and bad hormones in their body. He also argues that the bad hormones usually increase as one ages but the good ones will decrease as one ages. An example of bad hormone is insulin and estrogen and testosterone are examples of the good hormones.

Dr. Johanan Rand seeks to restore a balance between the bad and the good hormones. He has noticed that once he restores balance the patient has more energy, stamina and strength. He also discovered that they do not surfer depression. Other benefits experienced by the patients include reduced chances of cancer, lower cholesterol and they are at a lower risk of having heart disease.

Before Dr. Johanan Rand can administer his treatment to the patients he usually requires information from the patient about his condition. He then carries out thorough testing at his clinic. The patients also get a complete explanation of the entire process. The patient has to undergo physical examinations and there are tests for genetic markers are done. They also conduct an interview with the patient to get a deeper understanding of their exercise and their diet preferences. Even though hormone therapy works, it has to be supported by a diet of essential supplements and healthy food. He therefore advises his patients to make appropriate dietary changes which helps in reducing inflammation and also how intense their secondary symptoms are.

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