Capitol Anesthesiology Review

Capitol Anesthesiology is an esteemed anesthesiology provider in Austin, Texas. The management, both lower and upper-level, have a friendly, honest demeanor. Their charges and billing are both reasonable and straightforward. The whole process could not be easier. Every employee, be it the receptionist or the CFO, has a firm grasp of how all the billing works, an oft overlooked attribute that makes calling to clarify additional charges very simple. Their insurance billing rates are fair, again, something that is rarely seen in an industry that has a poor reputation for charging obscene amounts. The bills incurred are delivered in a reasonable timeframe to both mailbox and email.


Most importantly however, the medical experience is a very professional and polished one. The facilities the Association serve are famous for their exceptional care and are well known in the Austin area. It is a rare intersection of a small company personality with a large entity’s resources.  Click this.

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