Nathaniel Ru Opens Up About Sweetgreen’s Restaurant Success

There is a new sheriff in town, at least as far as the restaurant industry is concerned. Sweetgreen is the trending and healthy fast-food restaurant that is changing how people look at the industry.

Founded by a trio of Georgetown University graduates, Sweetgreen has swept the Northeast into a craze with their all-salad menu that is comprised of locally sourced, organic, and all natural ingredients.

Sweetgreen didn’t pop up overnight, however, so let’s learn a little bit about the path that co-CEO Nathaniel Ru took in order to bring his company to this level of success.

For Nathaniel Ru, the desire to create Sweetgreen came from a place of need. He and his compatriots, co-founders Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, were hard-working students who wanted something healthy to eat while they were on the go. Unfortunately, healthy fast-food isn’t a priority on any college campus in the nation. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

So, after meeting together in an entrepreneurship class they would begin the process that led to Sweetgreen. The trio would hone in on their concept, healthy focused fast food, and eventually tone it into what we see today.

A northeastern favorite, Sweetgreen has more than 40 locations around the country and Nathaniel Ru has a mind to spread even more. With that being said, Ru isn’t interested in becoming some sort of juggernaut. Instead, he wants to focus on a high-quality expansion that keeps the company focused on their core values.

Ru says of their work, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something. We want to feed more people better food.” This, Ru would go on to explain, is the Sweetgreen experience.

Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders knew early on that their success had to come small at first before they could go big. The big early test for their business was surviving when school was not in session.

The reason? They opened up the first Sweetgreen location in a college town. When lines were still out the door during winter break, Sweetgreen was pretty much guaranteed to be a success.

Nowadays, Nathaniel Ru is focused on maintaining his company’s culture without the need for excessive corporate regulation. Ru routinely shakes his head at the idea of becoming a big corporate machine.

Ru says, “We don’t believe in big corporate headquarters.” With a clear mission in mind and a successful track record at their backs, it looks like Sweetgreen might have some potential for serious expansion in the coming years. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

EOS & Its All-New Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

Back in the summer of 2017, Evolution of Smooth released its all-new lip balm product to the public. Of course, this product has received rave-reviews in a sense because it’s completely different from any other lip balm in its class. Vegan Crystal lip balms have changed the game thanks to EOS. This new product is loaded with vitamins, castor oil, coconut, aloe vera, shea butter and amino acids. These ingredients will cause synergistic effects by providing more moisture to the lips. The pastel-colored orbs have set a new standard for lip balm treatments. Vegan Crystal lip balms are also dermatologist tested, are paraben-free and are hypoallergenic. With just the swipe of your wrist, you lips will positively explode with flavor and moisture.

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EOS hasn’t officially been around for 10 years, but it has been pulling in the numbers as if it has been around for a century. This company is on the up-and-up thanks to its wide variety of oral care products. It has some of the wildest flavor-schemes on the market with its strawberry sorbet, sweet mint, blueberry acai, summer fruit, lemon drop, honeysuckle honeydew, cherry, raspberry pomegranate, passion fruit and sweet tangerine flavors; browse here. Vegan Crystal lip balms’ popularity is different from anything that we as a people have ever seen. This product actually sold out on its opening day, but you can find them today at Walmart,, Target and CVS.

As of today, the company is worth an estimated $250 million. Over 1 million units are sold on a per-week basis. The lip balm market in general is experiencing a revolution thanks to the organic choices. Evolution of Smooth is definitely the frontrunner of this exclusive industry because it’s raising the bar higher than before, and it’s changing the current status quo.

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Jeunesse Global Plans for the Future

Jeunesse Global is one of the most innovative companies in the health and beauty industry today. There are many people who are excited about the new products that the company is selling. Although this is still a fairly new company in the industry, Jeunesse Global has a ton of great products for people to try.


One of the unique aspects of Jeunesse Global is that it is a direct selling company. This allows people to try the products before making a purchase. With this in mind, Jeunesse Global is a wonderful company to work with. (



Helping Customers


There is massive demand from customers today who want to look and feel younger. This is the biggest reason why the health and beauty industry is growing so rapidly. Many people are tired of trying traditional health and beauty products. Instead, they can use products like the ones offered by Jeunesse Global.


A popular nutritional supplement that Jeunesse produces and sells is called Finiti. It comes in a bottle packaging that contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage of Finiti is two tablets twice a day every day. Finiti is meant to help you achieve greater overall health and fight against aging. Key ingredients in this supplement include Coenzyme Q10, tocopherol, tocotrienols and various herbal supplements such as astragalus root extract.



In the coming months, Jeunesse Global is planning on launching more new products for customers. Jeunesse Global has had to work hard in order to satisfy the demand from customers. With the rapid growth of the company, Jeunesse Global has had to borrow money in order to invest in new production options. Although this is a good thing, Jeunesse wants to make sure to invest wisely in new product development.





Another reason for the success of Jeunesse Global is the marketing strategy used by the company. Instead of spending a lot of money on traditional marketing, Jeunesse Global encourages customers to share photos and videos of their makeup products online. This is a great way to show new customers how much of a difference these products can make. Click Here for more information.


As the population around the world gets older, more people than ever are going to want products to help them look younger. Jeunesse Global is the type of company that can help you reach your goals in this area of your life.


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Louis Chenevert – An Incredible Success Story from the Corporate World

Louis Chenevert is a businessman of Canadian origin. He is the former CEO of UTC (United Technologies Corporation), which is a huge US-based multinational conglomerate that is focused on research, development, and manufacture of advanced technology products. Chenevert also worked for 14 years at GM in the role of the Production General Manager. In 1993, he joined the Pratt & Whitney Canada Company and became its president after only six years. The position of UTC’s chairman was attained by Chenevert in 2006 and he stepped down from this position in 2014.

A year later, he joined the Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division in the role of an Exclusive advisor. His position included targeting opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sector.
All of this showcases a rich and diverse career that Louis Chenevert managed to create for himself over the decades. Among his CV, the time as the CEO of UTC was especially important for his professional development. Here, Louis Chenevert managed to create a legacy based on high standards and some amazing feats that were accomplished during his management. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Here, the Goodrich acquisition stands out in particular – after a whole year spent in negotiations, he managed to complete a business deal worth an incredible $18.4 billion. Chenevert was also able to commit himself to special projects like GTF. This pet project of his led to an important advancement in the construction of jet engines. This, in turn, led to the UTC investment into high-quality tech domains that are still one of the strongest drivers of growth for the US economy. Louis Chenevert is proud of his role in this seminal process that allowed for new jobs and a more stable business model for his company.

At the same time, his commitment was not simply to the process of making a profit. Chenevert was a CEO that understood the need for creating environmentally friendly and greener designs of the company’s products. This is the reason why he was determined to make this one of the key selling points for all of their new products. These reduced the environmental footprint made by the company. Speaking in terms of numbers, this led to the fact that the emission of greenhouse gases was cut by 26%, while the factories and plants took down their water consumption by 53%. Under Chenevert, the company established an environmental standard that applied to all of its global facilities. Read more at Bloomberg.

The same occurred at Pratt & Whitney where Chenevert managed to support a process of innovations that led to higher productivity and more support to the US manufacturing jobs and the greater economy as well.

Finally, while investment into new tech is important, no business owner should ever forget that all good ideas come from the people working in the same company. This is why for UTC and Chenevert, supporting the employee’s ability to better them was always a key priority. Using the Employee Scholar Program, UTC has managed to allow over 39,000 of their employees to earn degrees since 1996.


Whitney Wolfe Herd On Why People Don’t Believe in a Startup

The common story of a successful business owner is that he has had a rocky road to success. This has involved presenting his ideas to people so that he can get the needed support. This has also involved getting rejected repeatedly. In some cases, there has been tons of criticism on the idea or business proposal. There are cases where it can be very brutal. The more aggressive denials and criticisms aimed at the business and the owner can cause a lot of discouragement. However, one of the best things to do according to Whitney Wolfe Herd is to continue moving, especially if there is faith in the business proposal.

One of the reasons that people may not believe in a startup or idea for a startup is that it can be too different. Another reason behind this is that it is too much like the other businesses that are open. When starting a business, there is a huge challenge in order to get people on board so that it can be a success. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe Herd has managed to find a way to get her business open for her customers. One of the best things about running a business is that there can be a difference between the key investor or entity and the general public.

Fortunately, the internet makes it easier for people to get their startup off the ground, especially if it is an online business. All that is needed is for the business owner to set up a website and have a marketing plan in effect. With the right type of marketing, a business is going to gain a lot of customers. Whitney Wolfe Herd has used the right marketing techniques to gain customers for Bumble. People have immediately seen that Bumble is one of the most effective apps for dating because it cuts down on the spam factor.

The idea of enabling women to make the first move on the profile they are interesting is something that is very empowering for women. Men are happier with the results of this direction that the dating app has taken as well.

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Juenesse Global Harnesses Benefits Of Red Wine, Without The Alcohol

Jeunesse Global has become one of the most rapidly ascending brand in the world. As a company that has only been in existence for a mere nine years, the success that Jeunesse has enjoyed is virtually unparalleled. In such a short time, Jeunesse Global has accomplished the incredible feat of going from garage-based startup to one of the most significant players in the global health and beauty industry.


The secret behind Jeunesse’s meteoric rise has been its ability to quickly get innovative and highly effective products to market. When health and beauty industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to form another company, the serial entrepreneurs decided on doing something a little different. Rather than creating a health and beauty firm that relied on the traditional means of marketing, with the huge costs of advertising, merchandising and logistics, Ray and Lewis opted to go with a direct marketing model. (More:


Not only would this model allow for a leaner cost structure, it would allow Ray and Lewis to spread the opportunities of American business to those who, by accident of birth, had been born in less advantaged regions of the planet. Within its first full year of operations, the company had recruited dozens of distributors. By its fifth year, it has thousands of people selling Jeunesse products worldwide and recruiting new entrepreneurs to the Jeunesse business plan.


But at its core, the company revolves around great products. One example is Reserve, the company’s super-fruit health drink. Reserve taps into the potential of red wine to fight off heart disease and stroke and increase longevity, all without the negative effects of alcohol.


Using the ingredient resveratrol, the main substance thought to confer the many benefits of red wine consumption, Reserve also packs in the one-two punch of dozens of other healthy and all-natural ingredients, making for one of the healthiest disease-fighting formulations that have ever hit the market. See This Page for more information.



Reserve also tastes great. The fact that the drink uses no artificial flavors or ingredients means that it tastes like no other health drink on the market. Users say it is one of the most addicting health drinks they have ever sampled.


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Waiakea Water – Bottling Goodness of Water

A Look into Waiakea Water

A wide number of companies are coming up with bottled water in these days. Waiakea contributes to being one of the well renowned bottled water companies.

What is Waiakea Water?

Waiakea Water is considered to be one of the most popular Hawaii based bottled water companies. The word Waiakea is derived from the words “Wai akea“, indicating broad waters. It is considered to be an excellent option for the incorporation of Hawaiian culture into the company. It is the filtration process of this bottled water that makes it stand out from other companies in the niche. Waiakea has earned a high reputation for selling volcanic water. This volcanic water is filtered via the process of water that runs through the porous volcanic rock of 14,000 feet through Mauna Loa Volcano. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.
Health Benefits of Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water 25 comes with a wide array of benefits owing to which multiple people opt for it. Water which is filtered through the volcanic rock from Hawaii comes with different types of electrolytes and minerals. This helps in strengthening the structure of the bone. It also results in more radiant hair, skin, nails. It is also beneficial for the prevention of free radical damage. It helps in regulating the body and improving the flow of blood. It helps in the assimilation of food supplements, minerals, and vitamins in an effective manner. Several studies reveal the fact that drinking this water confers a boost to the immune system of the body. They are also effective in fighting the effects of excessive dietary acid. It is more effective in rehydration as compared to other water brands. It boosts the energy and encourages loss of weight. It helps in getting rid of the toxic materials present in the body. It is known to be the natural cure for a headache. They are highly effective in the prevention of cramps. In addition to offering a plethora of health benefits, this bottled water company is effective in the development of healthier and safer environment. Visit to know more.

Bottles are Better for the Environment

Whereas most of the plastic water bottles are harmful to the environment, these Waiakea water bottles seem to be an exception to the rule. This bottled water company stands ahead in the competition by taking the prerequisite care of the environment. It has been certified as the Carbon Neutral as they utilize low emission vehicles for delivering the products. All the bottles created by this company are known to be 100 percent recyclable plastic.

Ordinary plastic water bottles degrade and break down over the due course of time. It takes almost 1,000 years for a single plastic water bottle for degrading into the environment. This indicates that the plastic water bottles cause a threat to the environment for centuries. However, the plastic water bottles from Waiakea water enhance the procedure. They break down within 15 years only.

Finding a bottled water company which takes a prerequisite care of the environment and the carbon footprint is really challenging. This is where Waiakea Water 25 stands out of the ordinary. You are sure to reap several benefits as you choose these amazing bottled water.


Have a taste of the New Vegan Crystal Lip Balm from EOS

Isn’t it amazing how much one company has managed to do to change the world of lip care for the better? Well, EOS is a company that has been in operation for a shorter time than industry veterans such as Chapstick, and it is probably this quality that helped them get a fresh perspective into the manner in which people perceive lip care products. The company started with an idea which many thought was a little ambitious, even crazy, but currently, it is the best thing that has happened to the world of cosmetics and especially lip care. The company rarely disappoints, and the new addition to their line, the vegan crystal lip balm, is testament to this fact.

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Let us talk about the fact that instead of the normal orb that they use as a container for their products, EOS has decided to use a pyramid shaped container for this new variety, browse now. This shape is actually really enticing and refreshing. Then, there is the fact that the ingredients have been selected to specifically cater for the needs of the vegan. Unlike the traditional chapstick that contains wax, this product is completely free of wax. When you apply it, you do not have to deal with that annoying waxy feeling after.

The great product contains ingredients that make it perfect for the winter and the softness of your lips. All natural ingredients include sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado, Shea Butter and castor oils. All these are available in two distinct flavors. Vanilla orchid and Hibiscus Peach are the flavors that you get to choose from and frankly, why even bother choosing when the product is retailing at $5? Just grab both and enjoy the beautiful flavors while at the same time nourishing your lips here on EOS is the best in lip care.

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The Number One Reason To Hire White Shark Media

White Shark Media is an online digital marketing agency that is very passionate about guiding their clients to online success. The digital marketing agency works exclusively with the small to medium size business that is often ignored by those larger digital marketing agencies online. They’ve been included in a list of the fastest rising companies that was published in INC. magazine. Certainly, this fast rising superstar in the digital marketing industry is geared up to receive numerous awards in the future. It is a fact that a lot of small to midsize companies are simply floundering in the water. White Shark Media has provided them with marketing tools to rise to the top.

White Shark Expands A Company’s Horizons

White Shark Media quickly discovered that there are two types of companies. The first type is the type of company that does not realize that they require an online digital marketing company to help guide them to success with customized marketing strategies. The other type realizes that the online marketing world is constantly changing, which is very frustrating. Therefore, in order to expand their customer base, a company must learn to master Adwords, PPC, and more. All marketing efforts should be directed at engaging customers and converting clicks into sales.

The Number One Reason?

Certainly, the average business owner realizes that the real key to online success is creating a successful marketing strategy. White Shark Media is engaged with developing success strategies for the small to medium size online business that are strong enough to grow their online business. White Shark Media will get started by evaluating their client’s current marketing campaign. White Shark Media will determine the key mistakes made in the current campaign and start to develop a strategy that is customized to the clients specific needs.

Isn’t it time that you learned more about White Shark Media? Contact them today for more information about their digital marketing services.

The OSI Group Brings Attention to Sustainability in the Food Industry

There are many different food service companies in the food production industry, but none of them have been able to have as many products as what the OSI Group has. Not only does the OSI Group have a wide variety of food products but they also have the best practices for handling this food. They like to provide sustainable solutions to all their clients because they know what it takes to get a great deal on great food but they also know it is important to give people the peace of mind that comes with doing something ethical. The OSI Group is the best at what they do because of the things they have done for their clients.

Even their clients in places like China are benefitting from the positive influence they have had on the industry. With their new factory in China, they are able to make things easier on customers. They know what it will take to give them the best service possible so they can give them everything they want on their own. It has allowed them the chance to make things easier on themselves when they are working toward a positive influence on the industry.

The issues that other companies have with the food industry are not a problem for the OSI Group. They know what it will take to give people the right type of opportunity to try different things. They also know it will allow them the chance to move things into a more positive direction for all the clients they have. The OSI Group has come to love what they do for clients and that’s part of what has made their business the best it can be. Without these positive aspects of lives, the OSI Group would not have been able to grow their business in the way they have done things.

For the OSI Group to make things easier on people, they know they are going to need to continue to be sustainable. The sustainability efforts they have are better than what any other food company currently has, but they are not where they would like to be. The OSI Group wants to be the most sustainable company in the foodservice industry. While they are close to that point, they are still going to work so they can make sure they are offering the best service possible for the environment.

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