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Richard Blair: Doing his Part for Peace of Mind


We live in an information age, so why not take advantage of the all the information out there? Yes, it is true that all the information seems to only make things more complicated, and that is why we need professionals, such as the ones at Wealth Solutions (, especially people like Richard Blair. One of the things that tend to throw people off is tax. And to make matters worse it changes all the time. Because of this, it is difficult for those of us who do not know about it to plan accordingly. This is when the experience of people like Richard Blair comes into the game.

Wealth Solutions is a company founded to help individuals and small business owners navigate the complex world of finance. With the myriad of opportunities available, making the right pick that suits you can be confusing.With Wealth Solutions, this is achieved by using proven steps and not just by guessing and speculating. They are not promising the moon for their customers. What they are offering is a safe and secure way for those who want the peace of mind when it comes to financial security. This is especially true for those who are looking at retirement and life beyond.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair, in Austin, Texas. It is a Registered advisory firm and Richard found it with the idea to make a positive impact on people’s lives. He comes from a family of teachers that have been part of education going back several generations. He witnessed first-hand the link between teaching and the power of knowledge. Coupled with his aptitude for financial matters, Richard soon realized that he could combine the two disciplines and make a positive impact on people. Therefore, after graduating college in the early 1990’s he decided to enter the financial services industry.

After starting Wealth solutions in 1994, he worked at specializing in retirement planning for both, individuals, as well as individuals who own small businesses. Since starting Wealth Solutions, he has succeeded in helping many people plan as well as live in retirement comfortably. Richard is a Certified Annuity Specialist, Estate and Trust specialist, fund specialist, Income specialist, Tax specialist and a retired income certified professional. He believes that the way business relationships should start is by face-to-face meetings. Hence his clientele tends to be from the immediate vicinity of Austin such as Marble Falls, New Braunfels, Houston, and Bastrop.


Importance of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is different from its competitors. It is the leading provider of criminal and civil justice using technology solutions. It is located in Dallas. It provides solutions in corrections, investigation, monitoring, and public safety. The company completed an American certification under service organizations. They are now free to carry out their activities smoothly. The certification means that the company can now safeguard and manage data and information that belong to clients.


Securus Technologies company is in the process of installing highly sophisticated inmate telecommunication. This will help them to meet the public safety and the security of their customers. The platforms will record millions of calls and manage the process effectively for investigation and security purposes. It is the only inmate technology platform that has received certification. There are more than 1,200,000 correctional agencies across all parts of North America. The company is committed to serving and connecting inmates. They intend to provide public information, incident management, and biometric analysis. They are also committed to offering inmate self-service, monitoring products, and emergency response to make the world a better place.


Very many clients have acknowledged our services. There is a customer who recognized our company because of the help that he got concerning LBS software. The client narrated that their department has recovered many illegal assets, cash, and drugs with the aid of other law enforcement forces. Their job of recovering the things could have been difficult without the assistance of Securus Technology. Another client thanked Securus Technologies for providing instant emergency response and using their features until the suspect was taken to court. Another client narrated how our company has helped them in many investigations by providing them with effective tools to carry out the process. Cases of potential threat or harassment of community and other people have been drastically reduced.


Bountiful Buckets of Beneful Dog food at Walmart

Beneful dog food is now available at your local Walmart supermarkets and stores, with a bountiful range of options of both wet and dry foods with real ingredients. Whether you are interested in an assorted variety pack of wet foods for $10.58 or a 15.5 lb bag of dry food with real beef for $13.98 your options are abundant and choices not limited to one or two Beneful products. For instance, Walmart also carries Beneful healthy weight with real chicken even though they do not currently have an option available with salmon. Walmart also offers specific coupons designed to help you save money on certain Beneful dog food products. One such coupon is currently available online through which has been created for you to have the option of saving $2.00 on your next purchase of Beneful’s Incredebites dry dog food. If you prefer to shop in quantity Walmart also offers Purina Beneful Originals with real beef 40 lb. dry food bags for $33.98. At this price you receive the dog food at 85.0¢ per lb which may prove useful for pet owners who prefer to shop in bulk or for larger dogs. If one is more interested in going the prepared food route for their furry friend, Beneful does offer larger prepared food variety packs you are able to purchase at Walmart. One such option is the 12 pack of 10 oz. cans available for $19.94. This assorted variety pack comes with multiple flavors including chicken, beef, and lamb and is good for dogs in all life stages. As you can see, Walmart does have an abundance of Beneful products ranging from wet and dry food available for its customers and to know more click here


The motivation of Jason Hope in supporting Entrepreneurship and Charity work


Jason Hope is one of the richest entrepreneurs in Arizona who believe in giving back to the community. For this reason, he has continually helped students and other entrepreneurs to turn dreams and ideas into reality. Normally, Jason prefers supporting the inventions and innovations which have a direct impact on the society. Currently, Hope has developed a deep interest in technology since he believes that that is the direction the world has taken.

Educational background

Having been born in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope got his education within the state. He undertook his Finance degree at Arizona State University. Later, he studied Business Management at Carey School of Business. His educational background equipped him with the necessary knowledge of how to handle different entrepreneurial ideas For more info about us: click here.

The operation principles of Hope

Normally, young entrepreneurs have several ideas that they want to accomplish. According to Jason Hope, focusing on all these ideas would divide attention of these entrepreneurs that in the end, they will realize that nothing much has been done. When supporting the students and other young entrepreneurs, Jason advice that no one should quit his or her job that gives them their primary income.

Jason’s Strategy for successful business

To be a successful businessman, Jason does not recommend particular formula. His success has come from meeting the right people. From his view, Hope has always kept in touch with the right friends without losing a single one. Networking is his key to success. There are several students with good ideas that can help the community. Jason Hope keeps in contact with them to help them develop their ideas into realities.

The philanthropic work of Hope

Other than just supporting entrepreneurs with their projects, Jason is one of the known billionaires that help the community. He develops ways in which people can benefit from projects other directly or indirectly. Hope has supported constructions of schools and hospitals. He equally has compassion for the less fortunate and has contributed to the facility that helps these people to live fairly in the community. Hope developed a philosophy where he can only take technological inventions that directly help the people around.

White Shark Media: PPC Management By Certified Experts

Specializing in Google AdWords and Bing Ads management, White Shark Media has the experience and expertise to handle clients of all sizes, although the majority of their clients are small businesses. This is not surprising since White Shark Media is a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, a certification given to PPC agencies hand-picked by Google for their proven AdWords expertise helping small businesses.

When I said White Shark Media are experts at PPC management, I meant it. The agency employs 88 AdWords Certified Specialists and 77 Bing Ads Accredited specialists; few other PPC management firms can say that. If you have an e-commerce website, White Shark Media has 69 Google Shopping Certified experts to create display and shopping campaigns for you.

The PPC management firm helps clients see results quickly, usually within three months. If you decide to sign up with White Shark Media, an SEM Strategist creates your campaign during the first month, doing industry research, Google Analytics activation and call tracking installation. With highly competitive industries, it may take longer to see results. If you have any questions, the agency sends you a monthly report and then you will receive a call each month to discuss your campaign. Naturally, you can call anytime and talk to the person handling your PPC campaign as well.

What I like best is that White Shark Media offers a no-obligation PPC assessment by one of their SEM Strategists. It gives you a chance to see what they would do if they managed your AdWords account and they will tell you what it would cost.

George Soros Wans the U.S. to Grow

For George Soros to be able to help people, he had to come a long way and work very hard. He has not always had it easy and he has struggled with many different things. Like other people who came before him and who were doing things to encourage other people, George Soros’s philanthropic attitude is the only thing that has made his life better and the only thing that will continue to help him change the world. He has a lot of inspiration to work from and he has come a long way in the things that he does but he wants to make sure that he can continue helping other people no matter what is going on in his own life or in the lives of the other people who he helps. It is something that he has made a difference with the opportunities that he has.

The Politico article that talked about the things that George Soros was doing was something that was influential. It talked about the other opportunities that George Soros had for him to be able to try different things. There were many different ways that made him interesting and different opportunities that allowed him the chance to be able to spend money. He chose to spend money on Hillary Clinton because he liked the things that she stood for. There were many opportunities that he had to choose from politicians and he knew that Hillary Clinton was the one who was most similar to his own beliefs. He trusted in the things that he could do to make it better for himself and for her. Visit this site to know more at

While the money that he had was helpful for the campaign, there have been different opportunities that Hillary Clinton got from the experiences that he created for her. The campaign was a success even though she didn’t win and George Soros hopes that he will continue to be able to try different things no matter what was going on. All of this contributed to him making sure that he would be able to be prominent on the political scene again.

For George Soros to do all of this, he had to make sure that things would work for him and that he would be able to try different things. It was something that he was confident in and something that he knew he could try to make happen. George Soros has always been dedicated to the things that he is able to do and has also tried his hardest to make things better in the liberal field. For George Soros to try different things, he has to make sure that he can continue to make money for the other opportunities he has. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Andrew Rocklage Builds His Brand By Investing In His Employees

Andrew Rocklage has always expressed a keen interest in business. Currently, he is the founder and operator of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, a well known indoor trampoline park. It is one of the most unique attractions in the nation.

Andrew Rocklage graduated from the highly reputable Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management. He is more than your average entrepreneur and attorney. Andrew Rocklage has created a name for himself in the communities of Boston, gradually climbing the ladder to success through hard work and determination.

From owning his own business, Rocklage has become knowledgeable about how to operate a business and provide the best customer service for building the right corporation. He has gained success by adopting and utilizing a strategy for his business. His strategy involved interviewing and hiring some of the most skillful individuals to join his team and connect with the customers at his Sky Zone Park location.

Customers enjoyed the friendly service that they received from the employees and as a result, customers raved about their experience. Discovering and developing incredible potential in his staff was Rocklage’s expertise.

Andrew Rocklage has also gathered a huge amount of experience as a corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Being apart of the industry of technology has given Rocklage more of a creative mindset. He was able to use what he learned in law school to incorporate into his business strategy. Therefore, it allowed him to become a huge threat in the business market.

Rocklage has witnessed many developments in his career that were captivating since graduating from both law school and business school. Because of that, it is expected that he will continue to pursue many other personal and professional challenges that may come his way.

Although Rocklage has continued his career ventures around the Boston area, his interests are more than likely to lead him to other areas. He is open to meeting new people and seeing new places along his journey. As a result, there are no restrictions where and when he will be able to create another business project in the future.

How Rick Smith has helped in Bettering Service Provision in the Corrections Industry

Rick Smith is a highly respected executive in the U.S telecommunication industry. He has a forty years’ experience in the sector and has been the CEO of Securus Technologies as from June 2008. Smith has an outstanding drive and determination that has enabled the company to grow in the corporate world. His excellent management skills have allowed Securus to be recognized as one of the top providers of telecommunication services to the correctional industry. Most of the clients have significantly acknowledged the services that it offers. Rick has built an excellent reputation for himself for the years that he has served as an administrator in different corporations. During his career, he has gained skills in business development, telecommunications, information technology, finance, and many other fields.

Smith is currently based at the main offices of Securus Technologies in Dallas, Texas. The technologies that the company provides are used by over 3450 Canadian and American correctional facilities that accommodate approximately 2.1 million inmates. The scope of service that is offered by Securus Technologies has increased since Rick Smith joined it. The solutions that the firm provides include emergency response, investigations, biometric analysis, communication, and inmate self-service.

The Securus Technologies CEO has accomplished a lot in his career due to his solid education background. He is a graduate of the State University of New York where he was offered a degree in engineering. Rick Smith was then awarded an associate degree in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has served different companies in his career. Rick held various positions at the Global North America Inc., which is a firm that he served until 1998. The administrative positions that he held include the director of business development, the VP of Midwest Telephone Operation, the chief information officer, and the Frontier information Technologies’ president.

The business executive also worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. for about one decade. The company hired him as the CFO in 1998, and he was later promoted to act as its president as from 2000 to 2003. In 2003, he was elevated to serve as the CEO and held the office until 2007. During his time at the corporation, its annual revenue rose from an average of $30 million to $350 million. Eschelon Telecom had its IPO in 2005 when Rick was still its CEO. He retired from the firm in 2007 but is still a member of its board.

Rick’s excellent management skills enabled him to be appointed as Securus Technologies’ chairman and president. Under his management, the firm has invested $600 million in developing different top-notch products. It has invented several new technologies and has also patented them. Securus Technologies’ products have improved service provision in correctional facilities.

Adam Goldenberg: His Own Style of Innovation with the Retail Industry

Adam Goldenberg is the chief executive officer of JustFab, and the company just went into a recent change, dropping the old company name “JustFab” to a new, catchy name: TechStyle. He had a recent interview lately with CNBC and explained why the name of the company has to be changed. According to him, the rebranding was made because of the growing popularity of the brand, and more people are subscribing to their service. They are also getting a lot of nice feedbacks lately, and stated that they will now be focusing on expanding and making huge improvements compared to the times when they were still operating under the name JustFab. Adam Goldenberg explained that what they are aiming for TechStyle is brand building, and not just selling a particular product. He believes that through the rise of e-commerce via, a lot of opportunities are waiting just around the corner to build brands from scratch at a rapid speed, thanks to the help of online subscription and their new found sales model.



Being a startup that has managed to grow at an accelerated rate these past few years, TechStyle became one of the most observed newbies in the e-commerce industry. Adam Goldenberg stated that they are managing all the aspects of the company itself – designing, manufacturing and the retail process as a whole – and they have to be keen in working on these details or lose the tide of growth they are currently experiencing. In fact, with the rise of the company and under the leadership of Adam Goldenberg himself, they managed to secure an $85 million funding at a $1 billion valuation. It is regarded as one of the company’s milestone, considering how new they are in the business.

The company was established back in 2012, and with the help of his colleagues, they managed to reach tremendous growth, acquiring smaller companies and receiving a number of finances and investments in the process. They also managed to secure some brand names to be officially under the supervision of the company, and one of them is Fabletics, which offers stylish workout clothes for customers. They are also known to be one of the first companies to introduce sizes for everyone, regardless of their body types. For the next five years, TechStyle wanted to increase their presence by opening 100 physical stores across the United States, and has been forecasted by analysts to be one of the most successful online retail business in the years to come.


Wilhelmina Austin Becomes The Brown Agency

Wilhelmina Austin bought Heyman South, and they have opened again as the Brown Agency. Justin Brown is in charge of the company, and this article explains how he plans to help people manage their modeling careers. There are many reasons to call on a modeling agency, and this agency is one fo the best in the world. They have taken quite a lot of models in, and they have given them careers that no other could imagine.

#1: Rebranding As The Brown Agency

The Brown Agency has been instrumental in ensuring that the models they have on their rolls are a diverse group of people. They want to give the full service that is required, and they are the only agency of this type in Austin. They are one of two in all of Texas, and they are managing what is a large market for fashion models and fashion branding. Someone who needs a model may contact the Brown Agency, and they will be given the same great service they got from Wilhelmina.

#2: Why Change?

This is a fresh start for the Brown Agency, and it is something that will help people ensure that they may manage their careers properly. The people who need help from the agency may come to them to raise their profile, and they will find that there are many people who may start their careers with them. Brown Agency wants to establish itself as the best modeling agency in the state, and giving them a new name makes things better. The company knows that they may reach out to more girls and boys who wish to model under this new name.

#3: The Brown Agency Is Growing

According to Market Wired, Brown Agency is growing quite a lot because of the way that their business has been set up. They want to know that the company has space for all the models that they know, and there are many people who will have their first chance with The Brown Agency. There are millions of girls in Texas who could come to the agency for help, and they will find that the agency gives them photo shoots and opportunities that will make their lives better. Someone who wishes to start a new life must contact the Brown Agency because they are growing and making room for more people.

There are many girls who will find that there is a modeling career out there for them. They may model in any way that they like, and they may coordinate with the Brown Agency to have modeling choices that will help them grow. They will become icons of fashion, and they will learn that the modeling world has a home in Austin at the Brown Agency.

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