Cassio Audi: Musician Par Excellence of Yore

Cassio Audi is one of Brazil’s leading heavy metal drummers. That automatically makes him an integral part of the great Brazilian heavy metal scene. He was the force behind the Brazilian iconic heavy metal band Viper. It was his sounds that catapulted Viper to its tremendous fame.

The first ever album by the group, Soldiers of Sunrise forever immortalized the name of Audi in the Brazilian rock hall of fame. Though he was primarily active between 1985 to 1989, the impact that he left behind was such that he lives on in the hearts of the Brazilian heavy metal fans of that generation and beyond.

That is the thing about art and artists. Both are immortal. An artist may have played or performed only for a very short period, but the sheer heft and grandeur of their music makes them forever a part of the lives of the people they impact. That is certainly true of Audi of all Brazilian musicians.

Before the release of Soldiers of Sunrise, the group had produced two demo albums Projeto SP Metal, and the Killera Sword, both in 1985. The group Viper and particularly Cassio Audi are Brazil’s very own rock celebrities who in their time and to quite an extent till this day epitomize what heavy metal is all about-aggression, attitude and fantastically stirring drumming.

It is all about forcefully conveying your raw thoughts. There is no typically Latino lilt here. It’s all macho and all aggression. Their fans loved them and idolized them, especially when Audi got playing the drums. Even today if you watch any of the old videos of the group, you understand what magic they must have wrought. Music, of course, has no language and you don’t have to know Portuguese to feel the pure passion in the music. Viva Viper! Viva Cassio Audi!

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Dare To Dream With Bernardo Chua

Many people talk about creative innovations, but how many people actually deliver them? Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua dared to dream. He has helped found branches of Organo Gold around the world. Learn how this has helped people live happier, healthier lives.

Miraculous King of Herbs

As the world becomes smaller, cultures are learning the secrets of one another. Some entrenched interests want to hold onto their monopolies, but Mr. Bernardo Chua wants the people to be free. In 2008, he co-founded Organo Gold with the noble mission of bringing the “Earth’s treasures to the world’s people.”

For more than 2,000 years, Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) has used the Lingzhi mushroom for a variety of herbal remedies. Mr. Chua and his company took this mushroom, called Ganoderma Lucidum and formed the Organo Gold herbal product line in 2008. Now, Westerners can benefit from the well-established herbal secrets of the East.

It is not like these herbs have not been tested out, they have. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the Organo Gold coffee blends have fewer side effects. Organic remedies are better suited to work with your body.

Chua Organo Gold Vision

Did you know that Chua’s company, Organo Gold, has a Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)? This is revolutionary and could change how businesses are run. Bernardo Chua is creating a better way to run successful, long-lasting organizations. Learn more about Bernardo Chua

Many companies lose their focus, by simply concentrating on the financial bottom line. Without a consistent spiritual vision, the bottom line doesn’t really matter. Keeping the spiritual vision, ensures that employees will remain highly motivated.

The statistics are quite favorable for the success of Organo Gold, simply consider Starbucks, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts. There are more than 1,600,000,000 cups of coffee consumed each day.

The Organo Gold Ganoderma coffee uses patented cultivation and preparation methods, guaranteeing its high-quality. Its concentrated formula help people deal with a variety of health and wellness issues.

The entire world benefits when entrepreneurs, like Bernado Chua create new products. He has brought one of Earth’s secrets to market. Everyone can profit due to Mr. Chua’s willingness to “Dare to Dream!”

Clay Siegall Posts and Runs Things at Seattle Genetics Company

Clay Siegall was among the founders of Seattle Genetics company. It was with a vision to publish research that Seattle genetics was founded in 1998. Clay Siegall is the chair of the company’s board of directors. He is also Seattle Genetics chief executive. As CEO, Clay has so far been able to secure a cumulative $1.2 billion to facilitate research. The money has come entirely from the private sector.

About Seattle Genetics

Clay has led Seattle Genetics into developing antibody medication. Owing to its determination in research, Seattle genetics was given the green light by FDA to develop a certain drug: ADCENTRIS. This product is now used around the globe in 60 countries. Clay Siegall saw the benefits of partnering with Takeda Pharmaceuticals to boost the accessibility of the drug. The partnership is already making a difference now that over 60 countries can access the medication.


Clay Siegal is not a stranger to celebrity and accolades. His old University, ‘University of Maryland’ leads the way in recognizing the work of Siegall. He received the ‘Alumnus of the Year’ award from the university in 2013 for his contribution to science. Clay is also the recipient of the ‘Ernest & Young Entrepreneurship of the Year Award’. Clay is a seasoned writer who has fifteen patents and many journal contributions.


Clay studied zoology as an undergraduate at the ‘University of Maryland’. After his masters, he still went back to university where he earned his Ph.D at ‘George Washington University’. He studied genetics.

Blog Pots

Clay loves to read and research. His posts are scientific and also social. In a recent post he highlights what scientists believe to be the negative consequences of solitary cells in prison. Solitary confinement is meant to discipline inmates who are unruly and even riotous. This confinement is discouraged by scientists who point out the psychological suffering that the inmate faces once subjected to this punishment.

In yet another post, Siegall displays the argument that combatants in the field who use heavy firing equipment risk damaging their brain. Scientists are researching this hypothesis to determine whether it is true or otherwise.


Jason Hope and the Internet of Things: What You Need to Know

Jason Hope is a futurist and technologist who is known for always being on the cutting edge of technological innovations. Hope, a graduate from Arizona State University, has been one of the bigger names in the tech industry thanks to his ability to be right there with the market trends as they turn. Hope’s latest fascination has been with the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is going to be one of the biggest industries that the tech world has seen and if Jason Hope is correct, this could fundamentally change our lives.

To start things out, the Internet of Things is a term that refers to the way that smart technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our day to day activities. Hope believes that at some point in the future we will see humans interact with the internet almost all of the time. Think of smart phones interacting with your kitchen appliances or how smart technology can help to re-route public transit to faster routes. While this all seems exceedingly normal — it isn’t. This is the tip of the iceberg on one of the most innovative journeys that humans are going to make within technology. We are going to be living in an increasingly connected world.

The reason that Hope is so keyed in on the Internet of Things is that he believes it to be one of the most important industries to be sprouting out of fertile ground with technology. Hope says, “My focus right now is on doing what I can to accelerate human intelligence using technology.” Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be that next great leap for mankind and he is publicly and vocally urging the major corporations out there to pay attention to investing options as they come around.Jason Hope got his start in the tech world with Jawa, a mobile communications business. Now Hope is focused on his work as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor capitalist and researching. Hope’s work with the SENS Foundation is becoming increasingly important as the years go by and we expect their focus to shift to the Internet of Things moreso now.