Fabletics Brings Fashion to the Customer

Back in the days before e-commerce took hold as a new kind of shopping experience, women (and men) would routinely go out to store showrooms when they were in need of new clothes. Customers would spend hours driving from store to store for a chance to find clothes that fit and that were priced well. Today, those routines have been completely turned around, as the online experience takes over.


There’s no question that online shopping offers a kind of convenience that’s become quite irresistible for consumers. Today, if the ordering choices are right, the fashion comes right to the customer’s door, ready to wear. If the size or look is wrong, however, a customer can easily exchange their order for another choice. Yes, it’s pretty straightforward, and in response, the world of online commerce has become more and more competitive.


Today competion for customers online is more intense than ever. amazon.com now has 20 percent of the online fashion market, which means new companies starting out are being forced to compete even harder for those other customers. Consumers expect a lot from companies now, too, beyond the tried and true values of high quality products offered at reasonable prices. Companies today are expected to deliver unique brand messages, last mile service and incredible customer service experiences, too, in order just to stay competitive.


Fabletics Delivers For Customers


Fabletics, the e-commerce activewear line co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, is one online fashion company that is breaking through in this highly competitive market. After just three years in business, Fabletics is now valued at $250 million, which is an amazing accomplishment for any type of online company.


What’s the secret to the success of Fabletics? One aspect is the unique customer service from the line, via the Fabletics VIP subscription service. Customers fill out an online questionnaire that lets the brand know their activewear preferences, according to their specific workout style, be it jogging, yoga or other sports. For a monthly fee, customers then receive a monthly selection of activewear, curated by Hudson herself. This special level of service, along with Hudson’s involvement as a spokesperson and the affordable price point of the brand, has made Fabletics highly appealing to customers who aspire to an active lifestyle.


There’s no doubt the fashion world remains highly competitive. Yet success stories like Fabletics are definitely making a difference in this fast-paced market.

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Social Issues Remain An Interest For Betsy DeVos

Like most of the population, I am well aware of major business people taking an interest in different philanthropic issues like the role Betsy DeVos has played in many different areas for social issues in the past and present. Over the course of recent times I have become increasingly aware of the role Betsy DeVos has taken up as the leader of a number of different charitable groups and the fact she has been the figurehead of the education reform movement across the U.S. Even though Betsy DeVos has been a key figure within the Republican Party in her home state of Michigan I have been impressed with the way she has looked to cross party lines to make sure school choice and school voucher programs are in place in both red and blue states across much of the U.S.

A major question I have always considered when well known people look to aid the community is how they have become involved in a particular social issue; in the case of the role Betsy DeVos has played in the education reform movement I received an answer from many different interviews Betsy has given explaining why she is so concerned with educational opportunities across the U.S. I was impressed to hear Betsy DeVos had not entered the education reform movement seeking to simply look good in the eyes of the community and press, but had instead attended a number of schools during her own children’s education and become concerned about how schools were educating students from various different community groups. Betsy impressed me with her understanding of the fact children from low income school districts were often limited in their choice of school to an under performing location where they had little chance of achieving success. Pushing for education reform has since become a passion for Betsy DeVos as she seeks to assist parents and members of the community in having a greater say in how their children are educated; school voucher systems that allow children the chance to attend private schools have been an area Betsy has championed for a number of years as she hoped to level the playing field for all children to have the best possible start in life.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has always been willing to back philanthropic options that interest the couple, including an aviation based charter school Betsy believes is the first of its kind to be established in America. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a charter school with the mission of providing an education for all children who have an interest in joining the aviation industry, Betsy DeVos founded the school in honor of the love of flying her husband has held since he was a child.

Read more: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about

Modern Day Visionary – Sam Boraie

When Omar Boraie began to envision the development of New Brunswick, it was 1972 and not safe to walk the downtown streets at night. He looked at the barren environment as if it were a blank page and slowly and surely began to draw the city he knew he could create.

Fast forward to the present, New Brunswick is now a thriving city with luxurious modern high rise buildings for needed residential and office space, a hotel and three theatres in the downtown area. These are just some of projects Boraie dreamed about and actually turned into a reality with his Urban Development Company, Boraie Development LLC.

He was an Egyptian chemistry student when he first visited New Brunswick and saw the potential for rebuilding a city in decline after European models he had seen. That good hearted and intelligent young man, came back to live and put his dreams into action so very well that he has literally created a prosperous company that serves the city he loves, and also includes his grown children as Vice Presidents and vital associates.

His accomplishments allow him to donate generously of his time and money. He is on the Advisory Board of Elijah’s Promise which began as a soup kitchen in 1989 and is now a multi faceted community organization including Promise Culinary School, a professional chef training and job placement center with a catering service that acts as the training ground for students and also produces the meals for New Brunswick Meals on Wheels providing nourishing meals for the homebound and elderly. Recently a pay as you can café was added based on the model devised by Denise Cerrata, “One World Everyone Eats” .

Sam Boraie is also on the Board of Trustees for the historical State Theatre in New Brunswick originally built in 1929 and recently renovated with care and accuracy and is now a venue for all sorts of entertainment from Jay Leno to the Bolshoi Theatre and has added an HD Film screen to show cultural events from around the world.

And one can be sure there is more to come. At 73, Omar Boraie is not resting on his laurels. Having just completed The Aspire, a residential deluxe high rise in the center of the city, replete with all modern conveniences and additional features like a fitness center and park area to walk with or without ones dog, one can be sure Boraie’s obvious energy and vision is sure to continue planning, building and doing philanthropic works in the future.

Doug Levitt- the Mastermind of the Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is the person behind the Greyhound Diaries project. He started by a simple idea where he wanted to explore the lives of the poor people in the American Society. He embarked his journey and traveled by the Greyhound bus. After six months of traveling, he found the experienced quite overwhelming. He then decided to document them through a series known as the Greyhound Diaries. He has documented his journey, stories, and songs through a project that he called the Greyhound Diaries.


Mr. Levitt could have paid for a flight across the United States. However, he wanted to get a different picture of America. He knew that several people in the country were struggling to get by. Most of these people could never afford the luxury of an airplane from one state to another. The Greyhound bus was preferred by the poor people in the United States. The newspaper or media never cover most of those stories.


Doug Levitt got to hear the lives of others after he shared his story. Many people were motivated to do the same after he told them his story. He told the story of where he found his father had committed suicide when he was a young boy. The struggling Americans and the people in the lower class were also motivated to tell their stories. He continued his journey and started documenting every story. He made a final publication of the entire stories through writing, singing, and photographs that were taken on his trip. He has dedicated a web series where he shares most of the work.


By the year 2012, Doug Levitt had written many songs. He frequently performed the songs on his journeys. He has accumulated over 10,000 photos that assist in telling the stories. He has performed in different hospitals, universities, homeless shelters, and the Kennedy Center. He released the first part of the series in 2008 and another part in 2012. His inspiration and motivation throughout the journey was because he was fascinated by the stories he heard. He loved the simple lifestyle lived by the less fortunate people in the society.