The Successful Career of Jim Toner

Early Life and Education Background of Jim Toner

Jim Toner has led a successful career and work experience in the Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. He started his career by attending St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia. He successfully graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once he was done with his first degree, he attended the University of Pennsylvania where he was awarded both his Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Medical Science Training Program. He was given the honor to pursue Residency and Fellowship training at Jones Institute. They would later realize that he had a teaching talent and awarded him with the Residency of the Year Award. The institute then named him as an associate professor in the distinguished faculty. He worked as an associate professor for 15 years.

Work and Career

According to, Dr. Jim Toner became the director of Fellowship program and Third-Party Program at Jones Institute. In 2000, he shifted to the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM) where he is currently based. He holds the position of the director of Third-Party Reproductive Program in ACRM. He is popularly known to produce excellent results in Third-Party and Fellowship Programs.

Throughout his careers, he has done 80 article publications, 100 abstracts, and 20 chapters with regards to Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. He is also famous for the research he conducted regarding the Ovarian reserve and how it impacts reproduction. Moreover, he has undertaken analyses relating to progesterone and ovarian stimulations.

He has also achieved various recognitions from different associations. For instance, the American Association of fertility presented him with an Ortho award. Additionally, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ with Ciba-Geigy Award.

Jim Toner is a community leader and has contributed to many local and world conferences. Throughout his career, he has managed to do over 200 presentations in conferences. Moreover, he is an active member and contributor of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). He has also served as the president of Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART).

AS the psychology, he is dedicated to counseling patients who have ordeals related to fertilization of reproductivity. Moreover, he understands the benefits of customer feedback and confidentiality.

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What Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Offers Emergency Room Patients In Tallahassee, Florida

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency room doctor who has six years of experience. He attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and graduated with his medical degree in 2012. He completed his residency at Louisiana State University as well. He now lives and works in Tallahassee, Florida. His job is at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital where he has so far spent all of his career as a doctor. He has been actively licensed as a medical doctor in Louisiana since 2013 and in the state of Florida since 2014.

He is board certified in emergency medicine. As a specialist in emergency medicine, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel can handle cases including trauma, cardiac distress, lacerations, fractures, and other cases where time is of the essence. He has been trained to make life-saving decisions and help patients who are experiencing a medical crisis. Once he diagnoses a patient he will work to stabilize them. After this the patient can be discharged from the hospital if that is warranted or they are transferred out of the emergency department and into whatever medical department is most appropriate for their situation.

According to doctor ratings on, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is highly rated by his former patients. He received five out of five stars for their rating category of “Explains conditions & treatments”. For “Takes time to answer my questions” he rated four and a half stars out of five. He also rated four and a half out of five stars for “Provides follow up as needed”. Most people who left ratings said that Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is clean, has adequate scheduling flexibility, and exhibits a staff that is courteous in nature.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel speaks just English, although his hospital does have Spanish interpreters available. He and the hospital he works for accept a wide variety of insurance plans such as Aetna Signature Administrators PPO, as well as Medicare. According to, he has seen 544 Medicare patients during his career. 19% of his patients were in the ER for experiencing atrial fibrillation and 32% for heart failure among other maladies.

End Citizens United Conducts Poll in Colorado Primary

The End Citizens United Decision reinforced the controversial idea that because corporations are people, they have all the same rights as people. The supreme court decision led to the Hobby Lobby decision and will likely lead to other unpopular rulings from the supreme court. End Citizens United campaigns to have congress overturn the decision. The organization promotes candidate and has been active in the 2018 midterm elections.

A poll commissioned by the organization may have an effect on one Colorado Primary. Both Levi Tillerman and Jason Crow are running against the five-term Republican candidate in the district, according to Mike Coffman currently holds the seat and has ran unopposed in his party’s primary. Tillerman focused on the dissatisfaction many Democrats feel with their party’s establishment. Selecting Hillary Clinton over the populist candidate Bernie Sanders. Some Democratic analysts believe that Hillary Clinton is the only Democratic candidate who could have lost to Donald Trump.

Crow currently leads by 5 points. If Tillerman drops out of the race, it means that Crow runs unopposed for his party. It also sets the stage for the final political confrontation in November. Tillerman planned to wave a ride of anti-establishment establishment into a congressional seat. Donald Trump rode the same wave of anti-establishment settlement into the White House in 2016.

The primary goal of End Citizen’s United is to reform campaign finance laws. The organization backs candidates who support campaign finance reform, and it regularly backs candidates who support the return of the McCain-Feingold law. Members of the organization want to end the influence of powerful corporations on the United States political system. Democratic candidates at all levels of government frequently cite this as a problem in America politics, although neither the House nor the Senate takes action to change the current campaign finance laws.

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Dr. Jim Toner: Introducing a Treatment to Infertility

Being infertile is one of the worst nightmares of couples, and all throughout history, humanity tried to search for a cure. A lot of treatments based on superstitions were created in the past, but scientists are now dismissing all of it as ineffective. Thankfully, one man decided to sacrifice his time and effort to study the case further. Dr. Jim Toner is a fertility doctor based in Atlanta, Georgia, and he specializes in infertility and endocrinology. He received the certifications for his specializations after he worked hard one being an effective physician for couples who are having issues with conceiving a child. Dr. Jim Toner stated that the advancement in medical technology played a huge part in his quest to search for the cure to infertility. The treatment is proven safe and effective, and, Dr. Jim Toner is only offering the services at his clinic in Atlanta. When the news about the progress in combating infertility reached the homes of childless Americans, they decided to run into his office, and his treatment became in demand. However, it is not that easy to provide the treatment for everyone, and Dr. Jim Toner advised the childless couples to book an appointment with him, and he will be happy to assist them on how they can conceive a child.

Dr. Jim Toner has extensive experience in being a doctor, and he has been active since the early 2000s. The inspiration to study infertility came from the childless couples that he knew during his younger years. He wanted to help them out and knowing that conceiving a child would make these couples happy, he decided to focus on this area and find out a possible treatment for the disorder. During the early phase of his study into the reasons why infertility develops, he found out that most of the cases involving infertility belonged to women who are having problems with their ovaries.

The ovary is the most important part of the female body because it produces the egg that will be fertilized by the sperm cell in intercourse. Dr. Jim Toner decided to observe egg cells inside his laboratory and produced simulations while integrating the treatment procedures that he is trying to create. After so many failed experiments, he came up with the treatment that he confidently claims to be effective. He is positive with his new treatment, knowing that millions of women around the world would be benefiting from his works. The treatment would allow the woman’s female organ to develop from a series of stress that it had gone through, and by using the most advanced medications available at the clinic of Dr. Jim Toner, the mother could expect to have a baby.

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Aging gracefully with Dr. Johanan Rand

Dr. Johanan Rand is a specialist who runs his own bioidentical hormone replacement practice. He started this practice because he had a deep desire to assist his patients who have healthy aging issues. Most of his patients usually come to him complaining of healthy aging issues such as vaginal dryness, hot flushes, menopause symptoms, weight gain among others. He went through an intensive training at Albert Einstein Medical Center that is located in New York. This is where he gained much of his training and skills.

He uses both his training and his experience in the field to provide relief to his patients. He uses an approach of regenerative medicine to give his patients options as they benefit from integrative care. According to Dr. Johanan everyone has some good and bad hormones in their body. He also argues that the bad hormones usually increase as one ages but the good ones will decrease as one ages. An example of bad hormone is insulin and estrogen and testosterone are examples of the good hormones.

Dr. Johanan Rand seeks to restore a balance between the bad and the good hormones. He has noticed that once he restores balance the patient has more energy, stamina and strength. He also discovered that they do not surfer depression. Other benefits experienced by the patients include reduced chances of cancer, lower cholesterol and they are at a lower risk of having heart disease.

Before Dr. Johanan Rand can administer his treatment to the patients he usually requires information from the patient about his condition. He then carries out thorough testing at his clinic. The patients also get a complete explanation of the entire process. The patient has to undergo physical examinations and there are tests for genetic markers are done. They also conduct an interview with the patient to get a deeper understanding of their exercise and their diet preferences. Even though hormone therapy works, it has to be supported by a diet of essential supplements and healthy food. He therefore advises his patients to make appropriate dietary changes which helps in reducing inflammation and also how intense their secondary symptoms are.

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Stansberry Research’s analysis of Berkshire Hathaway’s compounding machine

When it comes to investing, one name shines above the rest: Warren Buffet. In many ways, he has become the king of compound gains and consistent growth. His company Berkshire Hathaway is now valued at nearly 500 billion dollars and has achieved this milestone through very principled and consistent investment techniques.

All that said, there is some analysis that indicates that the company may not experience the same future success that it enjoyed in previous decades. While controversial, the analysts at Stansberry Research bring up many valid points the show just how different the company is today from what it was in decade past.

Stansberry Research was quick to point out the differences in the insurance markets, as well as the availability for new insurance companies to be acquired ( In the early days of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet gained capital by acquiring insurance companies that had a large amount of “float.” in many cases, Buffet was able to buy for half of their available float balance, meaning that so long as they work insurance companies to acquire Berkshire Hathaway could grow the amount of investible capital they have free.

Today in most insurance companies have been acquired or conglomerate it by larger companies, Berkshire Hathaway included. (Stansberryresearch) points out the many of the early gains enjoy by Berkshire Hathaway simply are not available due to the unavailability of purchasable insurance companies with float available.

Stansberry also mentions did this issue also compounds further when you realize the types of businesses that Berkshire Hathaway is getting involved in. Rather than investing in companies whose future dominance seems to be inevitable such as Coca-Cola, the company has branched out and investing lesser known, less stable companies. We cannot say exactly why this is happening, but it is entirely possible that there is simply not the same opportunity in these classic investments.

As a whole, Stansberry Research does an excellent job pointing out the strengths of the company first. They are not entirely critical of Berkshire Hathaway in order to be contrarian, instead, they focus on results first. These results show that while Berkshire Hathaway has enjoyed great success in the past, their current strategic decisions are not the same as the ones that got them to where they are today.


Dr. Jim Toner: Researcher And Specialist In Reproductive Endocrinology

Jim Toner is a medical professional who is incredibly experienced in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology. One of the main areas that he specializes in is in the treatment of infertility and other related disorders. He is a part of the Atlanta Care for Reproductive Medicine, which is an institution that works to provide people with treatments and care for a range of reproductive disorders and needs. Dr. Jim Toner has led an expansive career that has given him an incredibly well-renowned name. He has worked with several notable institutions through the course of his career and has had the opportunity to work with a range of doctors who are all proficient in the fields that they are in. This experience has made Dr. Jim Toner a more well-rounded medical professional who can help patients who have been diagnosed with a variety of different conditions.

While working at different medical institutions, Dr. Jim Toner always made it a point to step up to some form of leadership position and take on a more active role within the clinic or hospital. One of the places that he was more well-known at was the Jones Institute of Reproductive Medicine, located in Norfolk. The position that Dr. Jim Toner held here was that of the director of the Fellowship Program that the institute conducted. He was known for being an incredibly well-distinguished member of the because of his involvement with its programs, and also the activities that he decided to take on.

Dr. Jim Toner has emerged to be such a proficient doctor and industry leader is because of the educational qualifications that he possesses. He has a B.S in and soon after started to get more and more interested in medical sciences, particularly, about research. He decided to pursue this from the University of Pennsylvania and after that proceeded to get an M.D and a Ph.D. from the same university.

Because of his keen interest in research, Dr. Toner has contributed immensely to the field of reproductive endocrinology. He has published work on various aspects of the field and has been able to improve the treatments that are being offered because of the insight that he has been able to draw up. A lot of the work that he has researched on has gone on to aid those who were being affected by a range of reproductive disorders.

Because of the tremendous amount of accomplishments that he has to his name, Dr. Toner has gone on to win several awards from notable institutions. He has also been a speaker at various lectures, conferences and other kinds of events.

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Agora Financial goes where no other publications dare

Agora Financial is a publication company offering independent and unbiased economic commentary to help readers protect and grow their wealth. Financial publications are easier to obtain with Agora Financial. Starting as just three financial publications that joined arms in 2004, their now 20 publications range in topics from income growth secrets, wealth protection strategies and finding companies with foreseeable rapid growth. Agora Financial analysts go live traveling the world in search of new ideas. They showcase viability to readers and give insight into new investment trends that have not yet hit mainstream. Agora Financial is known for their bold correct predictions, beating other advisors to the punch with their “irreverent, insightful commentary where others fear to tread.” Agora Financial predicted the rise of gold in 1999, mortgage crisis four years prior to burst in 2008 and the super spike in oil prices a year prior to hit in 2007.

Agora Financial recently compared Bitcoin to the new Bitcoin Cash and IOTA companies, even advised on bond trades. As the largest cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin is largely decentralized and less prone to being overpowered. Choices in Bitcoin are made through community polling rather than a small group of individuals in power. In contrast, the new Bitcoin Cash has a CEO and small group of people carrying over half the power. Bitcoin Cash will also not receive any upgrades within the Bitcoin network. Compared to IOTA though, IOTA runs on a tangle system all its own and with no fees. Investors should stay with Bitcoin over Bitcoin Cash. If IOTA outperforms Bitcoin though, IOTA will be the new contender. Last month in an interview, Alan Knuckman with Agora Financial, spoke of forthcoming treasury bond trades advising bond rates have bottomed and should be relaxing soon.

Agora Financial have even published top ways to invest into the future. Even though investors use professionals to handle analyzing and research, knowledge of basics in investing is important in understanding the truth in the money. Investors should set long-term goals, prioritize and develop short-term goals. They should study long-term and short-term investments, as each option is not for everyone and overall have a life plan. Investors need to search for opportunities and find bargains in volatile periods. Remember, more time spent researching the more investors could expect in returns and Agora Financial is a great resource.

Jim Toner’s Achievements in Fertility

Infertility is a condition that one out of ten women suffer from in just the United States of America. This means that one out of every ten women has trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant. Many of these women turn to a medical professional such as Dr. Jim Toner to help them have a successful pregnancy. A trustworthy doctor with many good reviews is key for many people when choosing a doctor, and Dr. Toner has just that.

Coming from an outstanding background, Jim Toner has pushed his way through the ranks. Starting with just a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. Joseph’s College, Toner added a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Once he completed his medical degrees, he moved right along to the East Virginia Medical school for an internship. According to, after his schooling, Toner settled down to the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine for over 15 years where he received the Resident of the Year award and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha. By the end of his time at the Jones Institute, Toner had worked his way up to become Associate Professor. In 2000, Toner joined The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, where he still currently resides in Georgia.

Toner has wrote over two hundred pieces on reproductive medicine and given over two hundred speeches and presentations about his research. He has received the First Prize Paper award twice and has also received the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba Geigy Award. Along with those, Toner has received the AFS/Ortho Fellowship, the Berlex Foundation Faculty Development Award, and the American Fertility Society Ortho Award.

As for Toner’s clients, he believes that each patient needs to care for in a special way. The patients Toner sees are typically visiting him because they are going through some tough things in their lives and need to be dealt with in the right manor. His first degree in psychology helps him to achieve a good balance for his patient. However, Toner’s focus in his work is in treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriage.

Toner has so far helped and inspired many people in his career and will surely continue to do so. Book an appointment with Dr. Toner now:

Nick Vertucci Has Written A Five-Star Book About His Life

There are a lot of people in the real estate industry who are working to make a change in their lives. Some find success, some don’t, and decide it’s not the career for them. One entrepreneur went through some real life struggles to get where he he is today. His name is Nick Vertucci and he is now a real estate guru helping others gain the type of success he had experienced.

Now Nick Vertucci is on a new chapter in his life. Apart from being an entrepreneur, businessman, real estate investor, Nick has become an author. His first book is called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed.” This incredible book chronicles Mr. Vertucci’s life story. He had to overcome struggle, his fears, and losing everything to become a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur today.

“Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed” has already sold over a thousand copies and is considered an Amazon bestseller. It even has a five-star rating, an incredible feat. Actor and Producer Dean Cain gave Nick Vertucci’s book his personal enforcement and Kevin Harrington from the original “Shark Tank” had written a special forward in the book. It is exclusively sold via Amazon Kindle. Paperback are also available to purchase through Amazon. Nick Vertucci’s book was published through Lioncrest Publishing and is a straightforward story about Nick and how he built himself and his brand from scratch to major success. When he changed his outlook and philosophy on life, Mr. Vertucci’s life made a complete 360 degree turnaround. This 350 page book is packed with information and personal experience that will inspire anyone to pursue their dreams no matter the obstacles.

Nick Vertucci experienced a lot of high and lows throughout his career. He had nothing, then something, then lost everything, and finally built a strong foundation and his been killing the game ever since. In his late teens he started a computer technology business selling computer parts. It was a successful endeavor for the budding businessman but was hit hard after the dot com crash. Nick lost just about everything but his home and went into some massive debt. Nick Vertucci later jumped into the real estate industry where he made a lot of beginners mistakes. It sent him into a depression that was hard to shake. Fortunately Mr. Vertucci found the right mentor and it was all up from there. Through lots of practice, real life learning, and persistence, Nick made it. He is now teaching others like him prosper in the real estate industry with his company called the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NVREA he is dedicated to helping others succeed and live the life beyond their wildest dreams.